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The Korean Four
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"This is Hong Kong," Phil informs us, as though this, with its exotic modern skyscrapers, could be any place else. Statue Square at the city's center was the first Pit Stop, and Nat and Kat, having arrived first at the end of the last leg, will be leaving at the suspiciously decent hour of 4:37 PM. Kat reads from their clue that they'll fly to Seoul, South Korea. "When you land, drive yourselves towards the North Korean border? Really?" Didn't another team kind of do that accidentally, years ago? Phil says that's a 1,300 mile flight, after which they'll drive themselves to the Demilitarized Zone near the border and find the Seungil Bridge, which spans a turbulent river. They have $117 for this leg. Kat interviews that they wanted to get to go to every country and do every challenge on this race, and I have to agree with her that it's starting to look good for that. Nat agrees that they should be able to stay in the top three barring any big mistakes. As if there could be a mistake bigger than Nick and Vicki making it to the final leg.

Jill and Thomas leave at 4:47 PM. Thomas interviews that he thinks they're the top contenders, but there are also "hungry smart, athletic women that have proven they're a forced to be reckoned with." Notice how when Thomas said "hungry" there was a shot of Nat and Kat eating the sheep's head at the Fast Forward? Of course, they were the opposite of hungry then.

Brook and Claire are leaving at 5:26 PM. Brook reads the name of the bridge and the river it crosses as nonsense syllables, and from Statue Square they go right into a nearby hotel to see about flights. Brook says they really want to be in the final three, and they're feeling good about their chances to be the first all-female team to win the race. Hence their decision to try to line up flights here in the hotel rather than waiting to get to the airport and have the nightmare they had in Oman, where they missed an earlier flight and didn't even get to have a Blizzard™.

Nat/Kat and Jill/Thomas arrive at the Hong Kong airport at about the same time, and Nat wonders if anyone else is freaked out about driving to the North Korean border. That would be an affirmative.

At the hotel, Team QVC are learning about a flight that leaves at 12:25 AM, and with the assistance of a colleague at the airport, the concierge can have them booked on it in the next thirty minutes. "Coffee time," Brook chirps. Wow, why doesn't everyone do this, every leg? Soon they're in the hotel's fancy lounge, looking even more conspicuous there in their matching pink shirts, black shorts, and striped gym socks than they did before.

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