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How ironic is it that a show about doing things as quickly as possible comes on late so frequently? The worst part is that now my DVR thinks I like Three Rivers.

"This is Ho Chi Minh City," Phil reminds us from the traffic island in the middle of last week's roundabout. Hey, that's my line! Archival news film footage rolls as Phil says, "Once called Saigon, it was the headquarters of U.S. military operations during the Vietnam War. And when Saigon fell, the South Vietnamese surrendered at the Reunification Palace." Was it called that before then? Because if so, I can see why they picked it as the venue for the surrender. In either case, now it's simply the third Pit Stop in a race around the world.

Having arrived first at the end of the last leg, Flight Time and Big Easy are leaving at 6:53 p.m., wearing what I think are their actual Globetrotter uniform shirts. It's also completely dark outside, despite it having been light at 5:45 AM at the beginning of the previous leg, only two hours away. Some kind of crazy daylight savings time must be going on in this country. They're the first to learn that they're going to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We're taking our time getting out of Southeast Asia this season, aren't we? This is going to be the third leg in a row on the Indochinese Peninsula. One hates to use the word "quagmire" too quickly, but... Anyway, Phil adds that when they reach Phnom Penh, they'll need to find the Foreign Correspondents Club and track down the "assignment editor," in this case a French-looking actor in Roland Hedley drag peering sneakily around the tropical club from behind a newspaper. They'll have to whisper a request for their next assignment to get their next clue, which in this case looks like a folded newspaper. The Globetrotters are on their way. We see them interviewing that they get along well with each other because they're teammates in regular life. But then Flight Time overshares that last night he was "cleaning Big Easy's socks and underwear. So if that's not something that's brought us closer, then I don't know what is." Well, that depends; was Big Easy wearing them at the time? In the cab, Big Easy says they're feeling good about wining the last leg, "So hopefully we'll stay in the top three, top five." Whoa, hitch your wagon to that star, guys.

Meghan and Cheyne are of course leaving right behind them, at 6:54. That's it from them for now. Gary and Matt leave in third place, at 6:58, and as they ride to the airport in the cab, Gary interviews that Matt is "bigger than life." Not by Amazing Race standards, he isn't. Gary complains good-naturedly about his son's hair colors, "but I'm learning to appreciate it." Matt, in turn, watches out the window and speculates on Ho Chi Minh City's "hoppin' nightlife." You can tell he's just itching to find a karaoke bar where he can sing "All-Star" and burn the place down.

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