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Eisenstein, Tchaikovsky, and Babushkas

Michael again asks Kevin to go across the street, but Kevin's still insisting it's at the cathedral. "We've circled the whole cathedral," Michael points out reasonably. And so it is that Brook and Claire pull up in what should have been their third-place cab -- with its full tank of gas -- and run right across the street to the park. "Let's go see," Michael all but begs Kevin. Brook calls back to Claire to sprint, saying it's the one time (right), and Kevin is still saying Phil's not there when Michael sees that Phil is there. By now the damage is done; the second-place team is Brook and Claire, coming around the back. "We always sneak from behind," Brook smirks, making it sound dirty either accidentally or on purpose. Laughing, Phil tells them they're team number two. It may not be as close as all that, because they're gone by the time Michael and Kevin run up, Michael saying, "I told you, Kevin." "Good job, dad," Kevin says graciously, although a "sorry I didn't listen to you" probably would have been called for as well. I fear this was as close as they'll ever get to winning a leg. They're very happy to be team number three, especially considering they could have been first if Kevin didn't keep thinking of his dad as deadweight.

Nat is planting potatoes amid a chorus of "da"'s. Stephanie is still looking for Duck's End and finding nothing but a lot of the same dogs that plagued Brook earlier. Gary and Mallory arrive at Neighborhood Store, and she's taking this one, and is soon searching for Duck's End herself. She runs into Stephanie and they search together briefly before splitting up, so Stephanie finds Duck's End and is shoveling shit while Mallory is still looking for it. If they knew they were looking for a big manure pile, they could follow the smell, but since they don't, perhaps they're unconsciously avoiding it.

Back in St. Petersburg, Nick and Vicki open up their last-place clue to Alexandrovskaya, and Mallory keeps asking uncomprehending locals for Duck's End, staring desperately around herself with her tongue sticking out like a Peanuts character.

Back from the ads, she's still dashing about asking everyone she sees for directions, reduced to quacking like a duck to try to convey the idea of "Duck's End." "I was a complete fool," she interviews. She finds some guys on the other side of a fence and asks them for directions, and one of them is happy to... physically lift her over. "Thinking I had found Duck's End, however, I had just found a new friend, apparently," Mallory recounts. He and a couple of his friends invite her in for some vodka, in a language Mallory identifies as "Swedish or Russian, whatever he was talking." Mallory speaks the universal language of frustration.

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