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Eisenstein, Tchaikovsky, and Babushkas

Jill fills up her wheelbarrow, and Kevin plants his last potato, cheered on and kissed by the babushka matron. Another babushka up on the porch gestures at herself with forlorn hope, like, "what about me?" Sorry, no love for Babushka Number Four. Kevin runs past Brook, encouraging her as she's down to her last ten spuds, and when he passes Jill on the street she tells him, "Looking good!" Kevin arrives back at Neighborhood Store in first place so they can open the next clue, sending them to St. Isaac's Cathedral, which Phil says took 40 years to build and is still the largest Russian Orthodox cathedral in St. Petersburg. Oh, and it's this leg's Pit Stop. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated," Phil warns. May it really?

Jill gets started planting potatoes just as Brook finishes. Brook hugs her babushka (but doesn't kiss her, meaning the kiss count is stagnating at seven) and gets her clue. "Good girl," they call after her as she dashes off. Jill's also doing well, and one of the babushkas calls her a "professional" in English. Jill takes this as graciously as she can manage, while the babushkas tell each other, "These skinny girls can do everything." Of course the only reason Jill's even doing this Road Block is because as a Notre Dame grad, Thomas has spent so much time planting potatoes in Russia with babushkas that he's totally over it.

Back at Neighborhood Store, Brook runs right past a flummoxed Claire, saying, "Oh, my God, you don't even know." Hee. Claire's starting to know, once she's in the cab with her poo-smelling teammate. They both agree that Brook will be getting the first shower.

Jill finishes and runs off, so she's in a close third and Thomas is really pleased with her. And she did it without him yelling at her from the sidelines the whole time, too. Meanwhile, Brook and Claire's cabbie has to stop for gas; too bad for them there weren't any pumps at Neighborhood Store. Think they could impose on him to just get a few liters and go?

In middle-of-pack news, Chad and Stephanie have had to stop for directions, so Nat and Kat get to Neighborhood Store next. Nat's going to be doing the Russian drag race. "Go, babushka, go!" Kat calls as Nat runs past with her potatoes. Nat soon finds the poo pile, which has been properly miked since the last racer's visit so we can hear all the wet squelching noises of her shoveling. Stephanie will also be taking on the Road Block. She soon finds the potatoes, but finding the wheelbarrows at Duck's End proves a little trickier. She goes up to some local and asks her over her back gate where Duck's End is, while Nat sneaks right behind her with her wheelbarrow, sporting a sneaky cringe-smile.

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