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After a commercial, we see Amber going down in flames again, but finally, she gets hold of Tim Wakefield, who signs the painting for her. She starts to get a little momentum and says that some of them were actually kind of jazzed to do it when they found out whom it was for. Trot Nixon, in particular, seems rather enthused about Rob. (For those of you who are not baseball people, that's a real guy. His name is both "Trot" and "Nixon." It's a rough life.) Of course, this is unlikely to make you think better of Rob so much as less of Trot Nixon. If that's possible. And there's Bronson Arroyo, and Jason Varitek, and -- of course -- Johnny Damon, who was probably told by Red Sox PR to get his hairy hide out there before Amber had to go home without his autograph. As Amber and Nicole take off with their prize strapped to the car, Amber says that she had fun doing the autograph thing, but now she's running horribly behind schedule again, because it was so time-consuming.

In Pensacola, Rob's team has slept the night away on the floor of the unfurnished house, and they're just waking up. Just as they're rolling out of their sleeping bags, there is a ring at the doorbell, which turns out to be the furniture arriving, even a little ahead of schedule. The guys start to move the boxed furniture into the house -- no small feat -- and Rob pauses a few times to question the color of what has arrived as opposed to what he thought he was getting. And, of course, one of them observes that the outside of the box says, as he pronounces it, "Fra-gi-lay," to which Rob replies, "Must be Italian." Aw, a Christmas Story reference. So endearing. Don't you want to trust him now? Give him your wallet? He won't take anything, really.

The boys start out their work on the house with some painting, and they crack on each other for their inadequate skills in this area, but ultimately, Rob interviews that the guys are all working hard, because it's for Amber, after all. But soon, Rob takes off himself, telling Mike to keep the guys in line while he's gone. In short, just as they all knew he would, Rob is abandoning ship. He gives hand-slaps all around, even stopping to tell one guy working on his knees to get hold of some kneepads. Because Rob is a caring and loving person, and as soon as he's gone, it's time for another beer break. It's the same thing I do when my friends leave a room, in fairness.

As Amber prepares to fly off to somewhere with her luggage, she gets a call on her cell phone from Arlette, who explains to us that she was nervous about the fact that Amber hadn't been back since they bought the fabric, and hadn't tried on the preliminary mock-up of the dress at all. She tells Amber on the phone that she needs her in Beaver (tee hee) for a fitting before she actually does the stitching. Amber hangs up unhappily, forced to cram one more thing into her schedule. Shortly thereafter, we see Amber and Rob meet up at the Fort Lauderdale airport on their way down to the Bahamas for the food tasting. They have a smooch, and they get onto their little plane. She asks him if he's excited about going, and he says that he's tired. She tries to get him to rally by reminding him that he gets to eat, and that does brighten him up somewhat. They land in the Bahamas and head for the resort. Meanwhile, CC is setting up their tasting. "I'm excited to see what Colin's going to be wearing," Rob offers in the back of their car. Amber laughs. Colin insists that before they leave, they'll have mastered their menu options. When Rob and Amber get to the tasting, Amber and CC hug extravagantly. Rob and Colin slap-hug like men. Rob immediately admires CC's sandals, which are the same color as his shirt. I have to say that as much as the "gay men dress hilarious" thing is pretty stupid at this point, CC isn't helping move us along by owning flip-flops where his shirt is that exact a match for the foot thingy.

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