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But we have to put the dress aside for now, because for the moment, we are at Amber's house, where the couple is turning to the guest list, which is in need of cutting on wedding planner's orders, yuck. Amber's idea is to cut all the "and guest" designations, at which Rob bristles, but Amber interviews that "there is only so much room in the Bahamas." Good one! Keep going down that road. Rob interviews that he really wants people to be able to bring guests if they want, and it occurs to me that what's driving Rob is the thought of telling his buddies to come down to the Bahamas, but not letting them bring a hot girl to have the awesome sex with in the Bahamas after the reception. They banter about the fact that Rob is convinced that the reason Amber doesn't want his friends to bring dates is that if they do, they won't be available to hook up with her single friends. See? I told you. Rob basically agrees with me, in the end, that he'll cut people if he has to, but he won't be happy if they get married and can't have their family and friends there. Can you believe that? I think he likes people more than cake. That bastard.

Next, we find ourselves at the preparations for Amber's bridal shower, and while she's getting ready, Rob explains that he and Amber's brothers are going ATV-riding. He acknowledges that he may be "fashionably late" making his appearance at the shower, but he'll get there. Four-wheeling ensues. Woooo! Meanwhile, Amber welcomes a bunch of women to a restaurant for her very chic bridal shower. We cut back and forth between the refined women and the hard-scrabbling men, and isn't that just the way it always goes? I *heart* stereotypes. When Amber decides she's waited as long as she cares to for him to show up, she starts calling Rob on his phone, but he's not answering, because he and Amber's brothers have gotten stuck in the snow -- or so we are led to believe. More likely, it's just taking longer than he expected to get in, but the stuck-in-the-snow footage looks more dramatic. But either way, Amber is fretting prettily that he won't be at the shower for the gift-giving the way they'd planned. She starts to open gifts without him as he gets towed out of the snow, and you can tell she's not happy, even before she tells you she's not. Rob finally gets back and changes his clothes, admitting he's "a little bit running behind." The next thing you know, he's heading into the house with a dozen pink roses, which he refers to as his "insurance policy." Bleh. Flowers are awesome -- seriously, they are, at least to me, and I am That Girl through and through. But the least you can do is not be all smug about it, about ruining the effect.

Aaaanyway. Rob shows up at the shower, and when he gives her the flowers, it seems like part of the reason it's a nice gesture is that he's kind of shown her up, in part, and embarrassed her in front of her friends by not showing when he said he would. So a nice paws-up move like that gives her a little of her pride back, as revolting as that sort of is. Plus, it's flowers, and that can't be bad. Amber introduces Rob to the crowd, a little sheepishly even, and everyone applauds, because anyone who hasn't met him has certainly seen him on television. She explains in an interview that she knew just what he was up to with giving her flowers to make up for being late. Heh. "The charm worked," she admits. At least she's self-aware about it. It's the ones where you don't know you're doing it. That's how you get yourself in trouble.

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