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Money for nothing, and your wedding for free

Rob and Amber Mariano are introduced at their reception, and then their trumpeter performs their first wedding song, and although they start out trying to do their actual dance, they basically forget the entire thing and resort to hugging and swaying, which is good, because this is what hugging and swaying is for. I like the fact that she's the one who wanted the dancing, but you can see that she's the first one to basically totally give up and wrap her arms around his neck so he doesn't have to think about it anymore. Accordingly, she voices over that this particular moment was about them, and not about impressing anyone. Good call, girlie. And Rob closes the dance with the forehead kiss, which is, as I have said before, always in order.

Food is served. So there's lots of footage of people eating, if you care. "I've never seen shrimp so big in my entire life," Amber says. Indeed, I suspect the food was tremendous, even without pigs on spits. Colin comes around to talk to them, and he interviews that it was all going splendidly. He needs to go away now. The cake is gorgeous, unsurprisingly. And when they get into the cake cutting, there are suddenly fireworks everywhere. And then their band arrives, and there is mad dancing, and everyone has the best time ever.

It's nice, this wedding. And they end up married, and they like each other, and nothing really terrible happened, and they got a house, and he got a painting, and he got some free sand. What's not to like?

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