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Anyway, Amber talks about Nicole, too, and the way Nicole has always looked out for her and is looking at this almost like their mom does. I really like the part where Mom comes over and puts her arm around poor, weepy Nicole. Mom says that it's tough to think Amber is going to be gone in her own home and such. Sniffle.

Boston. Amber and Rob meet up in the airport, discuss how glad they are to be home, and get themselves home. The next day, there are five days till the wedding, and they're headed for another dance lesson. Their instructor starts a fairly weird lesson with lots of marching and swaying. It kind of boggles the mind. "This might be a little bit ambitious," Rob says dubiously, but the women both try to put his mind at ease. They show him where Amber will make a little turn, and he still looks incredibly doubtful. Amber tries to tell him that it's not that hard, and he explains that he academically gets what he's being told, but that it's hard for him, and he ultimately winds up just declaring, "I don't have rhythm." And that, I am inclined to believe. The instructor tries to protest, but Rob insists that "you have it or you don't," which is...not entirely true, but certainly partially true. Really uncoordinated people should be allowed their dignity. For all of our sakes, you know? Anyway. They finally get out of the dance lesson and head for Rob's house.

Casa Mariano. Everybody serves up dinner, and they all sit around. Rob says that after this dinner, the next time they all hang out, Rob and Amber will be married. As the family sits around the living room, Rob prattles on about how much his family has always loved Amber. "She fits right in," he says, sure that this will be a compliment. "My sistah has never had a sistah, and they get along like sistahs." Sometimes it's a wonder he doesn't already have a genius grant, you know?

After another commercial, we are in the Bahamas at last, where Rob and Amber are arriving. They meet with their officiant, whose name is J.P., and he talks to them about what they want from a perfect ceremony. And then they head off to sign their marriage license, and then it's time to pick out where they want to go on their honeymoon. After checking out Dubai and Maldives, they decide to go to Cabo, which...okay. But it' know, Cabo. It's like going to Mazatlan or Fort Lauderdale for your honeymoon. Kind of weird. I'd have done the Maldives thing for sure, if only so that I didn't have to worry that my suite would be used for fraternity pranks.

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