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Rob and Amber relax at their hotel, and they say that they had a much more relaxing day. Amber asks Rob if he wants to dance, and although he resists at first, they ultimately decide to get some practice, which involves furniture-moving shenanigans, and there's nothing better than shenanigans, obviously. They dance in the living room, pretty badly, and Rob admits that he doesn't want to look stupid, so he's not sorry they're learning. Amber tells us that she really wants her wedding to be fun, and I am certainly in favor of that. It's one of those comments it's kind of hard to make fun of.

Now, it's eight days till the wedding, and Rob is seeing Amber off for a trip home to have a dress fitting. I love the part where he's dragging her luggage and almost gets himself entirely stuck in the revolving door, and then Amber just goes out the regular door that's, like, a few steps away. You can be as romantic as you want, and I'll still like you better when you're stuck in a revolving door, because I am the cheapest date in the history of cheap dates. Rob talks about what a good trip he thinks it will be for Amber as he puts her into the cab. They smooch. He waves goodbye. Booo!

Now, Rob heads to the jeweler to pick up their wedding rings. He checks them out, and they are nice indeed. Simple but distinctive, which is just right. And when he has the rings in hand, he tells the jeweler that he has one other thing on his mind, and that's a pair of diamond earrings for Amber. He explains to us that she's been wearing fakes since the day he met her, and she doesn't splurge on things for herself very much. So now she'll have real ones. And usually, I'm not really one for the romantic deployment of cold, hard cash, but this is the kind of gesture for which I would make an exception. Whatever; I never said I was discriminating.

Pensacola. The guys are waiting for Rob to arrive and cleaning the house, which looks terrific. Rob tells us that he's excited about getting there and seeing it, and about seeing the guys. He hops out of the car and goes up to the front door.

Back from commercials, he finally goes inside. The house looks terrific, and Rob describes himself as "shocked." He explains that the "blood, sweat, and tears" of his buddies are going toward making him and Amber a home. We wander into the bedroom and look at the very nice dark-wood canopy bed, and Rob explains that Amber will love this most of all. He praises the guys' work extravagantly, and says that Amber will be "blown away" by all the work that the guys put in.

Beaver. (Tee hee.) Amber arrives at the airport and drives herself home. She says she can't wait to see her mother and give her a hug, and indeed, that's what happens when she gets there. She says she's "comfortable" here, and can be herself. And then it's time to call Arlette about a fitting. Arlette tells her to come right over, so Amber's on her way. She admits that when she showed up, she hugged Arlette, but she really wanted to see the dress. Heh. Well, sure. Amber explains how exciting it was as we watch her try on her dress, and then her very nice mom talks about how "surreal" it was to see her in it. Nicole and her daughter Emma come up to see Amber in the dress as well, so it's one big looky-lou party. It's interesting, because not only is it a pretty simple dress, it's a sort of non-hip dress in a way that I like. It's got more material on the shoulders than your average current wedding dress -- which is to say, it's got material on the shoulders -- and the ruffle situation is pretty old-school. It does have a good measure of floaty white fabric trailing behind, which should be nice for the beach as long as it's not windy. I will say, though, that the single best picture of my sister from her wedding day is of her laughing with surprise as she gets hit by a stiff breeze and puts up her hand to steady her veil. Maybe one of the best wedding pictures I've ever seen. And with that, I am officially overwhelmed with sentiment, which is what other people's weddings are for, after all. Damn you, weddings!

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