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Pensacola. The house. Rob's friend Anthony explains to us that just for the guys to unpack the stuff Rob bought for the house is going to take them forever. We watch as they open a lot of boxes with great confusion, unsure what they're even opening. Anthony thinks there are entirely too many candleholders. Of course, my sense is that Anthony thinks that all vases, ashtrays, glasses, mugs, ottomans, and saucepans are actually candleholders. I'm seeing in Anthony a "drink from the finger bowl" kind of guy, you know?

And now, Rob and Amber are in New York meeting with their mixologist. No, really! Amber explains that they'll get to serve a special custom drink at their wedding. Rob asks the guy, whose name is Dushan, what a mixologist is, and Dushan tells him that it's a person who "creates something that's more than pouring a drink in a glass." Rob says that in Boston, that's considered a bartender, but Dushan isn't just a bartender. He's a good bartender. At any rate, Rob explains in an interview that he was pretty sure that if Dushan tended bar in Boston, he'd be beaten up a lot. Which is basically true. Still, they accept from him a lovely pink cocktail that he tops with dried rosebuds. They sip it and declare it "awesome." Their modification is that only the girls will get floating roses. Guys will get floating orange slices. I think Rob does not look forward to the ribbing he will receive if he serves his friends pink drinks with rose petals in them. Indeed, it is a trifle Trista, that whole thing. But Dushan accepts the modification, and he and Rob shake on it. Rob wants to call the drinks "Rose Islands," and although Amber agrees in concept, she specifies that they should spell it "Rozisland." It is literally my favorite moment in the entire show when Rob laughs and gives her this fabulous grin like, "I like you so much even though you are occasionally really weird," and then he points out that people don't usually ask how drinks are spelled.

Pensacola. The boys are finishing the painting and moving in the furniture. They have also made an executive decision to cut a bunch of little fringe crystals dangling off a lampshade. Seriously. They cut them off with snippers. Those crystals are probably worth about a bazillion dollars. That is so sad. Anyway, Rob calls the project on his cell, and the guys assure him that they're working. Rob tells us that the guys are great and can work hard, but he's on guard for them to wind up screwing around and socializing instead of working. But it does appear that the guys are still going.

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