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When we come back, the misdirected Rental Car Return Wanderers are being sent to the correct lot, while inside, Tyler and James, Duke and Lauren, and Lyn and Karlyn are lined up for tickets on United. Vipul and Arti line up behind that group, and they are soon joined by Kellie and Jamie. When the cheerleaders introduce themselves, Vipul introduces himself as "Vipul... of the People." Ha! I don't even entirely know what that means, but it's delightfully silly in a way that's not over-the-top, and controlled silliness goes a long way on this show. Kellie and Jamie are very amused. As expected, Lyn and Karlyn nail down the last seats on the United flight, and as they're doing that, Kellie and Jamie meet up with Duke and Lauren. "What's y'all's relationship? Are y'all brother and sister, or dating, or what?" "This is my dad," Lauren says. Jamie and Kellie laugh, and Duke adds, "I've been trying to ask her out for years!" It's completely creepy, officially, but it's already so awkward to be mistaken for your daughter's boyfriend -- for a couple of reasons -- that he didn't have a lot of attractive options there.

Vipul and Arti learn that they will not be making the Beijing flight on United, so they have to run for Korean Air, along with Kellie and Jamie. Outside, a loud crash of music announces the arrival of Tom and Terry. They seem to head for Korean Air immediately. And indeed, they get their tickets on the second flight before the teams running from United, but I'm not sure that in the long run, it's a good sign that Tom and Terry gave up and went directly to the suck flight. Bilal and Sa'eed arrive behind Vipul and Arti, and the teams share a warm greeting in which Bilal both claps Vipul on the back and offers him a hearty handshake. When Kellie comes over and tries to shake hands, however, Bilal tells her that he can't shake her hand because of his religion. He makes like he's going to hug her instead, but I don't think he actually is. She's very game and gracious about it, slyly saying, "What if I shake your hand and you don't know it?" Heh. And: I wouldn't try it. Up at the counter getting their tickets, Kellie quietly asks Jamie, "Do Muslims believe in Buddha?" Jamie pauses, and for a minute, it seems like she's going to say, "No, dummy," but instead, she says, "I don't know." Ay yi yi. I bet they're feeling that one.

The *wins and Pointies run up to Korean Air. They get tickets. And then, rather mystifyingly, the *wins decide to go into the bathroom and fill up their water guns at the sink. You heard me: water guns. In the airport. And when they get outside and David goes to shake their hands, Erwin takes out a water gun and squirts him. Now, I get the fun of water guns, but first of all, you don't really know this guy, and with people you don't know, that just makes you look like a moron. Pranks are for friends, not people you just met. Second of all, it may just be me, but my recollection is that shooting things at people in an airport is frowned upon and may cause discomfort, mostly for you when you're handcuffed, detained, and searched up one body cavity and down the other. Mary comes over, and they squirt her too. She swats Godwin on the arm and says, "Look at you, you're so rude!" The boys laugh. They run around spraying people until the sad/awesome moment when they are approached by an unamused airport cop. "Those are not allowed," he says, taking the guns right out of their hands. "Oh, look," says James to Tyler. "He's getting jacked for the squirt gun." Oh, I get it. That's some of his street lingo, from drugs. Tyler and James find the forced removal of the water guns completely hilarious, and I can't really blame them. After all, if nothing else, it's a promising sign for the other teams that the *wins, while buff and well-educated, are not savvy. Next up: cherry bombs in the baggage claim area in Tokyo!

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