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Dustin and Kandice also seem to be avoiding the traffic, though it's not clear whether they actually exited, or just spent a lot of time zipping down the exit lanes and then forcing their way back in, just like the people I can't stand on the highway. These are special circumstances and so forth, but normally, I think people who drive down the exit lane are going to hell, and the trucks that block them by sitting resolutely on the fog line should get superhero uniforms.

Peter and Sarah are the first to arrive at Thrifty Airport Parking, where they park their car and climb onto the bus.

In the back of the SUV, Sa'eed is praying, and he's hoping that it's "the will of God" that they get on the first flight. Yuck. I'm still really not thinking God wills who gets on the first flight, since it requires God to sort reality-show competitors, which I just cannot accept. Phil explains that the flights will be evenly divided -- six teams will get on the first flight, and six teams will get on the second, which lands almost an hour later. Peter and Sarah scramble into the airport and look for the United counter.

On one of the shuttle buses, David and Mary and Dustin and Kandice meet up, both having parked their cars. Mary asks them how they know each other, and Dustin (or Kandice... dude, I have no idea yet) says that they're Miss California and Miss New York. Mary thinks this is precious. "Ohhh, y'all are beautiful!" she says. It's an endearing moment, like she realizes when they say what they do that she kind of has to process them as beauty queens now, when before, they might have just been pretty girls who are friends. It's also interesting that Dustin (or Kandice) chooses to introduce them as Miss California and Miss New York, rather than just as friends, which she certainly could have done. I don't dislike her for mentioning it, but I would have dug her for not mentioning it, if that makes sense.

At the airport, Peter and Sarah get their tickets on the first flight. Dustin and Kandice and David and Mary follow, and after checking on the Korean Air flight and confirming that it lands later, these lead teams get their tickets on United.

And now, we see in a montage that some of the teams are being confused by the fact that they're to return the cars to a Thrifty off-site parking lot, and they instead take the entrance for the Thrifty Rental Car Return, which is different. Bilal and Sa'eed make this mistake, as do Kellie and Jamie, so both wind up driving around the parking garages. Vipul and Arti and Lyn and Karlyn do not have this problem. Eventually, the teams that got it wrong get redirected by a nice garage attendant, but they're not happy about the time they lost. Oh, and the Pointies and the *wins? Also using the wrong exit. Delightfully, Pointy Rob treats Pointy Kim like she's a total moron for not knowing that if it's Thrifty parking, you obviously use Rental Car Return. Enjoy watching this one on television, nitwit, and enjoy your championship in the Olympic sport of eating your own 'tude. The Pointies get into the garage, get turned around, and are already fighting. Tom and Terry, almost forgotten as they will be for most of the episode, make it to Thrifty and get on the shuttle, as Rob sweats whether they're even going to get on either flight at this rate. That would be an interesting opening, wouldn't it? Half the teams getting to neither of the spoon-fed flights? I wonder what would happen.

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