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Peter tells Sarah he thinks the other teams were eyeing her and thinking "there's no way." That is such a... bizarre observation. He's weird. We move to an interview in which Sarah says that people with disabilities tend to be "looked upon differently," but she knows she can be "tougher than the rest." As far as her toughness, it's early to make predictions beyond "she's tougher than me," but I would certainly make that one. In the Vipul and Arti car, he's sort of giddy and amused that they're actually doing the race, which is just how I think I would react. Not that I would do it at all, for several reasons, but if I did, I think I would just keep dorking out the entire time. "Phil!" "A flag!" "A Detour! With pros and cons!" I'd be stealing the flags and looking into the camera and trying to say highly quotable things like "Everyone will underestimate me because I'm from the internet!" I realize I've just now ruined my chances of being cast. There goes that $500,000. Vipul interviews that Arti is sweet and wonderful and beautiful, which has the immediate effect of making them seem doomed. David is asking Mary for directions, and she's pointing out that without a map, there's not much she can do about directions. David pulls over, and they are passed by Duke and Lauren. David asks for directions from a guy who tells them to take 99 rather than trying to get on I-5. Staying off the interstate is often the right thing to do in a local trip, I find.

And in this case, it will turn out to be excellent advice, because the teams stuck on I-5 are getting no love from the gods of traffic. There is an accident up ahead, and things are looking grim. Peter decides to "gamble" on getting off at an exit and trying to go around the accident. Ultimately, he does successfully wind back onto I-5 beyond the point of the accident. Good move, that. Elsewhere, we check in on Mary and David. She talks a bit about how "where [they] come from," the man makes the decisions and the wife takes care of the kids. I'd point out in her defense that I think "where we come from" here doesn't mean "Kentucky" or "the south," but really their specific background, where it may well be true. There still are such places, after all. I also don't think she's endorsing that theory; only saying it's the environment in which she feels like she grew up. She tells us that on the race, they'll need to work "50-50." I feel you on the principle, lady, but as to the reality? Tell it to Zach. The reason to work equally is that albatrosses are bad, not that you can't get away with being one if it's really what you want.

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