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"The world is waiting for you," he says. "Good luck. Travel safe... go!" First down the hill are Bilal and Sa'eed, then Rob and Kimberly. Lagging significantly behind on the way down the uneven terrain of the hill are Peter and Sarah, who is having to gallop a little unnaturally. In the race's first reversal, the directions tell the teams to fly to Beijing, China, so we're going West instead of East. Oh my God, they're going to have to run backwards the entire time! They have a choice between only two flights -- a United flight that leaves first, and a Korean Air flight that leaves forty minutes later. They're getting $66 for the leg. Not big bucks, that's for sure. The teams run to the cars, and Tyler and James are the first to get in and get going. As Bilal and Sa'eed get in their car, Bilal says, as translated, "Allah is the greatest." Godwin demonstrates his from-southern-California-ness when he refers to I-5 as "the I-5." They don't do that outside Los Angeles so much, dude. Kellie and Jamie are not helping the public image of cheerleaders everywhere by struggling with starting the car -- which is an automatic. What! Will! Happen!

Credits. I missed you, credits music. I like you even better now that you're a slightly extended dance mix. [BOMP.]

When we return, Godwin tells Erwin that they just need to get to the highway and get to the flight. "To the homeland!" he says. And then he pauses. "Although we're not Chinese." Oh, I loved that line. I don't have any idea what was behind his saying that, but it entertained me enormously. He's kind of like, "I'm the Asian guy! ...You know, for what it's worth."

Back in the parking lot, Dustin and Kandice are also having a hard time with the car, as are David and Mary and Duke and Lauren. Apparently, automatics aren't as uniformly easy to operate as one might think. Everyone finally (literally) gets in gear, and they're off.

Tyler and James decide to pull into a gas station and ask for directions to the airport, not concerned about the fact that people are passing them. As Bilal yells at traffic, he interviews that he's the more aggressive one, and Sa'eed is the more passive one. He thinks the "blend" will serve them well. Elsewhere, Jamie and Kellie successfully make the turn to get on I-5, while the *wins and Tom and Terry do not. Rob and Kimberly are also not where they want to be, although Rob seems distracted by the fact that he's admiring the car, which seems distressingly in character for his type. Karlyn is happily telling Lyn that in China, people will like them for being from Alabama, because they like the movie Forrest Gump. That seems like a completely random thing to know, but I'm glad she's optimistic about her chances of making friends. I don't know if I consider "Chinese people just love Forrest Gump" to be a sound piece of cultural commentary, but I wouldn't mind seeing Karlyn introduce herself around by explaining that she's kind of like Tom Hanks in that movie.

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