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Duke and Lauren are father and daughter. In their interview, Duke says that he loves Lauren "to death," but he says, "There's just a teeny bit of disappointment, as a father, looking at Lauren." And then he starts crying, and he reaches over and puts his hand on her knee. And why is he disappointed in this seemingly intelligent, lovely, pleasant young woman? Well, Lauren is gay, you see, and this has been a problem for him, to the point where they went for a while without talking at all. It's obviously really depressing that he would react this way to something she has no control over, but to his credit, he's at least trying to repair their relationship. What struck me about that interview was that even as he knew he was saying something really hurtful to her, he reached over to touch her, like he's crying not because she's gay, but because he knows how stupid it is that he feels that way and he's trying to not to feel that way. It's still wrong, and I still obviously mostly feel for her, but the fact that he's making the effort makes it a really different situation from the cold-staring parent who just disinvites the kid from Christmas permanently. There is a shot of Duke and Lauren walking on the beach with Lauren's (presumably) girlfriend, too, so... it's interesting. It's not like, "Congratulations for not being a bigot," but he clearly loves her.

Vipul and Arti are a married couple. Arti says that they follow a lot of traditions from Indian culture, and we watch as she lights a candle. She adds that if they go on the race, they can get all of their desire to have fun "out of [their] system before [they] have kids." Seriously, my friends who have kids? All dead inside. No more fun for them. They're basically empty shells, hollowed out where the fun used to be. (Dear My Friends: I'm still invited over, right?)

Kellie and Jamie are cheerleaders. Yay! They're also best pals. Yay! They have matching bandannas. Yay! "You could put us in a cardboard box and we'd find a way to have fun," Kellie says. "We both have the personality that we could have a conversation with a doorknob," Jamie adds. These two lines both brought to you by the God Of Setting The Ball So That The Entire Internet Can Spike It In Unison. It's the kind of setup that actually makes me choke, because what am I going to say about a cheerleader who talks about her own communication skills and uses the word "doorknob"?

Tyler and James are, as Phil says, "recovering drug addicts -- and models!" Hey, there's no point in bothering with regular drug addicts when you can have drug addicts and models. Soon: "Mother and daughter -- and models!" "Plaintiff and defendant -- and models!" "Santa and elf -- and models!" Apparently, these guys met during their recovery and became friends, and then they decided that the logical next step after rehab was modeling. This is where Kim would say: "As you do." Tyler says that they've learned through their addiction and recovery that they have this inner strength and so forth. It's safe to say I know people who've been through recovery who would agree with that, and some who probably wouldn't.

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