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Two For The Price Of One

Vipul and Arti climb the wall. Dammit. Vipul and Arti, you are the last team to arrive. And you are eliminated. The thing is, it was a sad elimination, but I didn't really want to punch much of anybody. I would have been sad at almost anyone being eliminated. I mean, yes, Rob and Kimberly are going to have those fights we're all tired of, and water guns were not a good idea, and apparently Kellie and Jamie are occasionally not going to know things they should know, and I don't want a lot of "Emergency!" all season, and Peter's a little skeevy, and I hope Karlyn doesn't spend the entire trip worrying that the girl with the artificial leg is getting away with something. But for the most part, these seem like decent and likable people, and I wasn't hollering to get rid of anyone. That's a huge change in the feel of the first episode.

Vipul and Arti say that they had a great time. She allows that their experience was "short," but she says it still was -- wait for it -- "amazing." Basically, their post-race interview consists of them telling us that they still like each other just as much as they thought. Which is cute. Farewell, nice people. I wish you could have stayed longer.

Next week: somebody gets dragged by a horse. Hooray!

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