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Karlyn, to her credit, finally figured out how to climb the thing and has gotten herself to the top. "I hope my daughter sees this," she says, fanning herself and crying. Heh. Tom finishes, too, and Terry is very excited for him. And probably very glad he didn't fall off headfirst and kill himself. More climbing for Rob and Kimberly, Erwin and Godwin, and Kellie and Jamie. Rob and Kimberly are team number five, Kellie and Jamie are team number six, and... Vipul and Arti are still in the cab. Boo! Erwin and Godwin are team number seven, which is pretty good considering what a horrible job they did during much of this episode. Terry and Tom ham up the jump onto the mat (sigh), and they are team number eight.

David continues to try to encourage Mary, which continues to be... not to Mary's liking. Time to stop talking, dude. Lyn climbs. Mary chants to herself that she can do it.

Vipul and Arti are still in the cab. Boo! She says she's having a lot of emotions. I bet all of them are rage. She seems like the explosively angry type, doesn't she?

Karlyn tells Lyn that climbing the rope "can't be any worse than childbirth." Heh. It's interesting -- Lyn is the bigger lady, but you can see that she had a significantly easier time getting up that rope than Karlyn did. She clearly had the leg strength to pull herself up without all that much trouble. When you see how many of these people were repeatedly told that the important thing was pushing yourself up with your legs, you can kind of see how it might have panicked Sarah at first.

Welcome, Lyn and Karlyn, you are team number nine. Lyn says she had to do this for herself and for her kids. I like them; I really hope this doesn't turn into a big ugly thing with Peter and Sarah just because Peter is such a weirdo.

"Dave, I'm sorry, I really am," Mary says with frustration, figuring that they've already lost. "Ah love you, honey," he says reassuringly. "Yeah, I'm sure," she says. Hee! You have to remember: she thinks they're eliminated. She doesn't know about Vipul and Arti, so for them, this is a conversation about whether he's mad at her for making them lose. "I'm sorry," she repeats. "You're going to have the proudest kids in the world," he tells her, even though he thinks they lost, so that's a nice move from him. And as she finally finishes, he says, "I never thought she'd make it up here, but she did." Yes, she sure did. "Dave, I'm so sorry," she says as she gets to the very top. "You done great," he says. They run to the mat. David and Mary... you're team number ten. She's shocked. She swats Dave. "David, you told me I was last!" I bet he did, too. Mary is so happy she hugs Phil. And then she hugs the poor greeter, who does not look like this is what he was expecting. I don't know if I'd have pegged Mary as a hugger, but there she goes. She does hug Dave, too, and that hug looks pretty warm, not one of those "I secretly hate you" hugs we're all so accustomed to.

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