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David and Mary run into Terry and Tom heading for the rope climb. Karlyn still has made no progress up the wall. "It's too hard," she says again. As David and Tom start climbing, Mary comments to David that if it's hard for him, she can't imagine what it's going to be like for her. Tom, on the other hand, is getting very dramatic on the rope, hanging practically sideways and yelping. Karlyn? Still getting nowhere.

Finally, Vipul and Arti finish with the bricks. Unfortunately, all of their instructions that their driver seems to understand is the word "wall," which is not very precise when it comes to this particular wall.

Terry suggests to Tom that he needs to be vertical, not lying down horizontally. "I don't know if I can do this," Tom says. Meanwhile, Mary tells David not to panic. Karlyn says once again that she can't do it. She has certainly declared that she can't do it enough times at this point; she's done it about three times as much as Sarah who only has the one leg, so maybe a little less defeatism and a little more climbing the rope.


What eventually works for Karlyn seems to be reaching down and looping a loop around her foot with her hand, and then lifting herself up with that leg. Hey, whatever works, lady. Good for her for keeping at it. That clearly took her a very long time, so all props to her for finally getting it done. Terry continues telling Tom to stand up straight and stop freaking out. David is trying to tell Mary all the things he's figuring out, like how important it is to keep your foot in the loop. She tells him not to tell her what to do right now; just focus on getting up the wall.

Here come Rob and Kimberly to the bottom of the wall. She goes up first, alongside Godwin. "Not as easy as it looks, Erwin," Godwin remarks. "Your girl's got game," Erwin says to Rob at the bottom as Kimberly makes her way up the wall. Kellie and Jamie reach the wall as well.

Vipul and Arti, meanwhile, are still in the cab. Boo!

David has now finished the wall, and he's telling Mary about the advice he wants to give her. He tells her to use her legs on the way up. She doesn't want advice as she's doing it, though, and she tells him firmly to shut up, emphasizing that she's completely serious. Heh. "I'm trying to help you," he says. "Sit down and shut up, that's how you'll help me," she says. "Okay, you go ahead," he says. It's so funny how everyone wants different things, you know? Peter talks to Sarah constantly, and it doesn't seem to bother her, but Mary doesn't want to be talked to. I think that for Mary, the talking sounds like criticism, and she already doubts herself, while Sarah is more used to processing the constant chatter as coaching. Or else Sarah has learned to completely zone out and forget Peter is talking at her, which I could also believe. Maybe she's like a dog, and she's learned to not hear the Peter frequency while she's working.

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