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Two For The Price Of One

Dustin and Kandice begin the climb up the wall.

Rob and Kimberly leave Labor in seventh place. As David and Mary get their cab, they repeatedly thank the locals who helped them out -- Mary is using her "xie xie" call, but David just keeps saying, "Thank y'all. Thank all y'all." Hee. It's good to mix it up. I really wanted someone to stop them and say, "Forrest Gump!"

At the wall, Lyn observes, "I've not really been climbing before. Karlyn starts up the wall. "I can't," she says almost immediately. "It's too hard," she adds. "I can't do it."

Vipul and Arti and the *wins are slugging it out at the Labor task. Vipul and Arti seem to be having some kind of problem with the pattern of the stones, at least at the moment.

And then we pay a visit to Leisure, where Terry and Tom are completing the routine. There appears to be a cheat at the end in which Tom catches with his paddle instead of his hand, but it's not unusual, after all, for people to be given a break on things like that. "We didn't get ours," Jamie observes, and Kellie adds, "The gay guys beat us." That's a very perilous way to talk, but I didn't see any malice in it coming from them. Tom and Terry leave for the pit stop in eighth place.

Welcome, Dustin and Kandice. You are team number four. If team number three is unable to perform its duties for any reason... well, you know the rest.

Kellie and Jamie finish the Leisure dance, and as they receive their pit stop clue, they say in perfect unison, "Thank you so much!" Hee. In David and Mary's cab, she's all excited about seeing the Great Wall. "See it?" He says. "We're gonna rappel it and zip it or something." Zipping the Great Wall of China does sound kind of cool.

At the wall, Karlyn says, "It's too hard. I can't -- how do you even get started?"

The *wins finish up Labor. Vipul (of the People!) is having difficulty getting the bricks to fit. "Good luck, Team Karma!" call the *wins as they're leaving. Turns out that Rob and Kimberly are still looking for a taxi, so they win up behind the *wins on the way to the pit stop, despite finishing the bricks first. My favorite part: In the cab, Kimberly says to the driver, "The Great Wall." And then she adds, "The Great Wall of China." It would have been awesome if he had screeched the brakes and turned around 180 degrees at that moment and slapped his forehead. "Oh, the Great Wall of China." At any rate, the Pointies wind up following the *wins at the *wins' invitation.

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