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When we come back, they repeat her statement earlier, "I can't do it, babe, I just can't find a foothold." But then Peter, who drives me nuts, does seem to give her some useful advice, which is to get herself so that she has loops that her right foot can use. She puts her right foot in a loop and pulls up. He tells her that all she has to do is keep doing that.

Tyler and James finish and run to the mat. Welcome, Tyler and James, you are team number one. And you win $20,000. Congratulations! Nice catch on the paving stones, you know? Tyler says that it shows a lot of "character" to finish this, and they've been through a lot together, and this "entails" (not what he means) the amount of drive that you have. I'm not sure I want to hear a lot of lectures about character, but they certainly earned their victory.

Lauren is watching Duke struggle up the rope. "I know he's trying so hard," she sniffles. This is clearly very moving for her. "I never thought that we'd do anything like this together," she says, and boy, I suspect that's quite true. "I'm so proud of you!" she calls up to him. Yow. Put that together with the "disappointment" in the opening bit, and it's pretty powerful. When he's done, Lauren starts up the rope.

Sarah is now about halfway up. She's talking to herself about "find your power" and so forth, and then she lifts up again. And then we see her at the last loop, and Peter freaks out with excitement when she finally hoists herself up. She's crying at the top, and for me, that pretty much does in the theories that were emailed to me this week that she was hoisted up on a crane or something. That's not the face, I don't think, of a girl who just had to be lifted because she couldn't finish.

Lauren gets to the top, and she and her dad run to the mat. Welcome, you are team number two. A good showing for a parent-child team. Lauren says it's a great chance for them to "bond and put [their] differences aside." Peter gets to the top, and he and Sarah run over to the mat. Welcome, you are team number three. So glad we got here without a lot of yap-yap-yap about making a statement; she just fucking went up the rope. That's the statement.

David and Mary, Rob and Kimberly, Vipul and Arti, and the *wins are still working on the Labor task. David and Mary are bickering now, with her telling him to "stop questioning" her, and "stop disagreeing," which is kind of... interesting. Fortunately, they get done before it gets too ugly, and they get the pit stop clue in sixth place.

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