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Two For The Price Of One

Tyler and James approach the wall, and they run into Duke and Lauren. These teams run toward the ropes together.

"Sarah, you are my girl," Peter keeps repeating as they run around what ultimately proves to be... not where they were supposed to go. He takes her up more stairs, prattling the entire time about how she's an All-American, she's world-class blah blah, and it's like dude, stop flapping your yap and make sure you know where you're going. I would trade 100 motivational lectures for one time that he didn't make me go up a honkload of steps unnecessarily. The best motivator is someone competent, I personally believe.

Tyler starts up the rope first, as James basically interviews that he's happy to be able to rely on Tyler, not just as a stud, but as a dude. Dude! My favorite part is where Tyler says, "I'm not using any of the loops." See, the rope has these loops on it that are designed for you to put your feet and your hands in as you climb up. But he looks at it and figures he'll just pull himself up the rope. Looks easy, right? Yeah. I heard a lot of people say the same thing this week, and I think they'd have had the same experience he does, which is that he starts to do it and is like, "Uh, never mind. I'll be using the loops, then." Sarah shows up and gets on the rope around the same time as Duke, and Peter instructs her that she knows how to do it, which... I kind of doubt. She's also got the curved running foot on, and I suspect putting the other one on is probably too time-consuming to do in the middle of the leg. Considering that Tyler immediately discovered it was basically impossible to do this without putting your feet in the loops, and that everyone is also carefully using the friction of their feet against the wall to control their movement, I have no idea what Sarah's going to do with that foot, which basically can't be used with the loops to pull yourself up and won't do anything but scrape against the wall, since it has no traction and no toes. Basically, what you have is a girl who has to do this with one foot that works and one leg that can't be used. On the other hand, she did get to pre-board. She starts to worry that the wall-climbing won't be possible: "I can't do it, babe, I just can't find a foothold." Not only that, but as she moves around on the rope, she's clearly concerned about twisting the foot or damaging it, I think. "I can't do it," she says again before we go to commercials.


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