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In the pedicabs on the way to the Leisure option, Jamie and Kellie are doing a simple clapping pattern with "Let's go," which Tom and Terry -- right behind them -- join in. I think it's sort of cute, not that I'd want to hang around it all day. Finally, they all arrive and pile out of their pedicabs. They run over and try to get started. There's a lot of swaying and arm movements, but there's also a fair amount of deft handling with the paddle and the ball, which doesn't seem to be easy. I'm not sure I'd be coordinated enough for this, frankly. I'm hardly good enough for regular ping-pong. (I recognize the beauty of relaxation exercises! I am teasing! Do not email me!)

Erwin and Godwin arrive at the Labor task. They go for the border stones, but Erwin decides to take them from the big stack next to David, clearly not realizing that David dragged those over from across the whole section. David makes a funny sort of "up-up-up" noise, and Erwin says, "This isn't a community pile? I knew that!", and he good-naturedly puts the stones down and goes to get more. I would point out that this is exactly why I hate it when people say, "Of course I was an asshole, but I'm trying to win!" David got those stones back just as effectively as if he had yelled or snapped, and he was pleasant, and he was polite, and Erwin was the same in return. It was a misunderstanding, and they successfully treated it as such on both sides. Well done, both of you.

Tom and Terry and Kellie and Jamie battle the requirements of the ball-and-paddle routine. For cheerleaders, Jamie and Kellie seem to find it surprisingly difficult. Meanwhile, Vipul and Arti finally -- finally! -- arrive at the Labor task and start to work.

Peter and Sarah's cab. He is giving her a pep talk, which... it's hard to say, because they train together, and maybe she likes this. I certainly wouldn't. In an interview, she says, "Peter could be the great love of my life. If we don't risk our hearts a little bit, we're never going to know if perhaps there's a greater love here." Call me crazy, but I think there's something missing from that quote. That sounded to me for all the world like she said something more like, "Peter could be the great love of my life, or he might not. But if we don't blah blah blah... " The "if we don't risk our hearts" sounds like an acknowledgment that she doesn't know what's going to happen, and I wish they'd shown more of that, because I think she's a little less head-in-the-clouds than she looks in this clip. But enough talk of love -- it's time to concentrate on the fact that Duke and Lauren pass Peter and Sarah on the way to the pit stop. They're so excited that Duke grabs Lauren's face and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Aw. Duke tells us that he's "learning a lot more about Lauren." He starts with "she's very athletic," which if we're doing the "things I never would have guessed about my gay daughter based on my preconceived notions and stereotypes" speech, is a little bit accidentally funny. He adds that she's "very determined," and that she's "a hell of a teammate." He and Lauren are looking around for the right place, though, so we move to check in on Peter and Sarah, who are also at the wall. However, they go to the wrong entrance, and quite tragically for her leaking leg, I'm sure, he leads her up a long, long set of stairs, which she has to take in a sort of unnatural galloping motion, using the handrail, while he holds her pack. That does not look comfortable.

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