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Peter and Sarah are "newly dating triathletes from Southern California." Sarah is very tiny, and Peter towers over her, which always strikes me as a weird situation, dating-wise. I'm not talking sex-wise, I'm just saying that people who are a lot taller than I am make me uneasy, and I tend to inadvertently stand on my tiptoes. Sarah also happens to have an artificial leg, but she -- she -- will not be bringing it up very much, thankfully. Sarah explains in an interview that she and Peter have been friends for seven years, they've trained for a triathlon together, and they both have experience with prosthetics. She uses one; he makes them. This is why I, by analogy, should be friends with baristas. She says she's worn an artificial leg all her life, and she's had a crush on Peter for quite some time. She says that "as a woman," the fact that he can "take care of [her]" is attractive. Hmm. "Sarah's really the first woman that I trust with my heart," Peter says. Considering what this episode leads me to believe about Peter's heart, this may simply mean he trusts her not to short-circuit it or plug something into the wrong port or try to confuse his heart with a hair dryer. I am immensely grateful to Sarah, incidentally, for not saying "I am doing this to prove that I can do whatever people with two legs can do," or "I am doing this to prove how strong I am," or "I am doing this to make a statement about people with disabilities," or "I suspect everyone will underestimate me because I have an artificial leg." Fewer statements, more ass-kicking.

Bilal and Sa'eed are best friends from Cleveland. They are both large, round men with long beards. They are also, as they explain, Muslims and fathers, and their "religion comes first." One of them adds, "There is no question that we will pull over, take five minutes, and pray." It's not that this surprised me, as it's consistent with what I know, but I'm fascinated in a situation like this that people would actually do it.

Rob and Kimberly are dating, and they're from California, and they have these conflicts because headstrong in-charge bitch bastard my way or the highway blah blah blah butt heads see how our relationship works out critical point in the bling bling blee Kelly Jon Chuck Millie Colin Christie Ron Kelly BLECH. His head is very pointy, or else his hair is worn in a way designed to make his head look pointy. And come to think of it, both of their personalities seem kind of pointy.

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