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Brick update! Lyn and Karlyn are still working, but Duke and Lauren are done. Dustin and Kandice seem to get hip to the border stones immediately. As Peter and Sarah go for a cab and are begging to get in, she indicates her leg and says "It's an emergency," which I generally do not approve of. Accommodations, yes. Fake emergencies, no. The complicating factor is the hydraulic leak, of course, which I'm sure makes her want to run around as little as possible. She's basically analogous to a person with a natural leg who twists her knee. I don't think having an artificial leg is an emergency, but having one that's not working properly wouldn't entirely not qualify, you know? I do hope it's not going to become a pattern. Sarah does say in an interview that they're trying to preserve whatever fluid is left and slow down the leak, so maybe... only half a demerit for "Emergency." But I'm watching you. Don't be telling gate agents you're going to see the doctor-o, lady.

Duke and Lauren, it seems, get a cab before Tyler and James, who have seriously had issues with the cab-finding portion of today's challenge. I'm not sure whether this is a long ride, or a short ride, or a ride to a bad location, or a shift change for the drivers or what, but Peter and Sarah kind of had to pressure their guy, and now James and Tyler can't get one, and Duke and Lauren seemed to be getting into a fancier vehicle, almost like a town car, so something seems to be up with the cab-getting.

David and Mary arrive at Labor and start to work. Elsewhere, Tyler and James finally, finally get their cab. They're pretty pissed off about falling several places in the standings, though, and I can't really blame them. As Rob and Kimberly get to Labor-ing, Karlyn and Lyn are finally finishing up. They leave in fourth place for the pit stop. They even offer some kind words to other teams as they leave, which seems like a nice thing to do. Dustin and Kandice finish next, and they do seem to have done a good job with that task, all things considered.

At Labor, Kimberly is trying to get Rob to understand that there's something weird about the way they're doing the bricks. (Which is, of course, that they're not putting down the border stones first.) She wants him to stop and figure out why the number of bricks doesn't seem right. He interviews that "99.9 percent of the time" he's "in love with this relationship," but "the one percentage that [he's] not" happens when they "take tones with each other." I can see why he's no good at the bricks, since precision is clearly not his strong suit. On the other hand, I don't know how he would leave a relationship that exceeds 100 percent. It's like his relationship goes to eleven. Finally, they spot David carrying stones over to where he and Mary are working so that they can put them around the border. "Oh, babe, that's what it is," Kimberly says. She starts hauling stones over, and in fact tosses a couple in haste and breaks them, which of course he yells at her for. He is on the List. It's amazing what a short List it is, though.

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