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The second group of teams arrives at the pedicabs. This time, Dustin and Kandice and David and Mary pick the Labor, but Tom and Terry and (logically) Jamie and Kellie want to dance. Unfortunately, the traffic on the way to the Leisure option seems to be pretty brutal, so that may not wind up being a very effective decision. I would not enjoy sitting in a pedicab that was completely stopped, I'll tell you that much.

Vipul and Arti, unfortunately, are having trouble even getting to the pedicabs. They sense that they're "going in circles." Vipul (of the People!) tries to call out to some guys to see if they speak English -- or, as he says, "American English" -- but he's getting no love. Maybe he's not Vipul of these people. The rest of the back part of the pack is getting to the pedicabs, with the Pointies taking Labor, and then the *wins doing the same. Vipul and Arti? Still on the motorbike asking directions. "This is crazy, this is nuts," he says. Well, it's not good, that's for sure. "I guess this is when a map would have come in handy," Arti comments. I have to wonder how they were supposed to direct their driver anywhere if they didn't have a map, you know?


When we come back, we are continuing to fixate on the sad case of Vipul and Arti on the motorbike. Even the traffic lights seem to take an inordinately long time. It is as if all of China is conspiring to make them lose. And that is a lot of people. They finally find someone who seems to understand Arti's requests for directions, so they hope that they're on their way. At last, they make their way to the Detour clue and choose Labor, partly because it's closer. At this point, I suppose they don't have any time to waste sitting in stopped traffic.

Speaking of Labor, at the bricklaying, Peter decides that Lauren is standing between him and the example so that he can't see it, and he calls out, "Lauren! Lauren, you need to move! Please!" And he does not do it, shall we say, in a relaxed fashion. That is not going to make you any friends. Tyler and James, on the other hand, are doing just fine, and they're on their way. The clue tells them to take a taxi to the pit stop, which is located at Juyoungguan, a spot Phil describes as "one of the gateways to the Great Wall of China." But to get to the pit stop, you will have to use a rope to scale a big wall. Last team to check in "may" be eliminated.

Tyler and James share the obligatory high five, and then they bolt, but their excitement takes a hit when they immediately run into trouble locating a taxi. Peter and Sarah are done next, and he's noisy and obnoxious the whole time. He also seems committed to wearing sunglasses on top of his head the entire time, which I completely hate. As they're leaving, Karlyn (I believe) is grumbling, "He tries to micromanage so much. They can kiss my behind." See, I agree with the first part, but I think the second part should be "he can kiss my behind." I don't see much problem with her, really, although I'm sympathetic to finding him controlling and Intense™. Peter and Sarah run into James and Tyler on the way out, and that all happens at the same time that Dustin and Kandice are arriving. Of course, the obligatory interview occurs in which Kandice says she thinks Tyler and James are cute. That is about as gratuitous as Melanie Griffith vacuuming topless in Working Girl. It's not technically, legally necessary for the blondes to comment on the male models just because they're all here.

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