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Two For The Price Of One

The second group departs at 7:15 AM, including Tom and Terry, Jamie and Kellie, Dustin and Kandice, and David and Mary.

The lead teams get into their little motorbikes. There is a little bit of motoring through the streets, and then Peter and Sarah are the first to arrive at the pedicabs, with the other teams close behind. The clue they receive is a Detour. It asks them to choose between Labor and Leisure. Phil explains that in Labor, you choose a pedicab and go a mile to a market. There, you take bricks and pave a 45-square-foot section of sidewalk according to a particular pattern of large and small bricks that you have to duplicate exactly. In Leisure, you travel two miles to a park, where you participate in a "new Chinese relaxation exercise" that requires you to complete a sort of dance routine with a paddle and a ball. You have to do it successfully in unison with the rest of the participants, and then you're done.

All four of the first teams choose the labor. More bricks! Less synchronized exercising!

At 7:30, the last group goes -- Rob and Kimberly, Vipul and Arti, and the *wins. The *wins talk in their interview about how this is the day they "catch some teams," but they manage to get going in last place.

Peter and Sarah and Lyn and Karlyn arrive at the market together. As they're getting started, Phil points out what we will soon realize -- to do this correctly, the teams have to figure out that there's a border of dark gray stones before you start in with the complicated pattern of red bricks. Neither of the early-arriving teams figures this out. In an interview, Sarah says Peter is "more hyper" than she is, by which she means, "kind of an asshole." Indeed, he's very bossy, and he immediately starts telling her to just bring bricks over, and he'll take care of putting them down. It is in this scene that I become deeply suspicious of Peter. Lyn and Karlyn, also not hip to the dark stones, are also in a little bit of an early snit in this first real time-pressured concentration task of the race. Lyn interviews that Karlyn "has to be in control." Duke and Lauren follow, then Tyler and James, to whom Duke refers to as "surfin' dudes." That is... not such a good characterization, although I guess I wouldn't expect him to call them "drug addicts... and models!" or anything. Duke and Lauren do not catch on to the paving stones right away, either, but guess who does? Tyler and James, the "surfin' dudes." They immediately recognize the need to start with the border. Peter, on the other hand, is so busy being bossy that Sarah almost has to literally bonk him on the head with a brick before he hears her pointing out the issue of the border stones. Duke and Lauren finally figure it out, too, and then Lyn and Karlyn finally do, so now, everyone is on their way.

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