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So Vipul and Arti, Bilal and Sa'eed, and the *wins are the remaining teams converging on the Meridian Gate. Vipul and Arti arrive first, and they pull one of the 7:30 cards. The *wins are next. 7:30 for them, too. And last, Bilal and Sa'eed, who are stuck pulling the horrible little card that says "Last Team," which instructs them to go and find Phil. Uh-oh. They almost never let Phil give good news. They jog up to a mat, where Phil meets them, looking like his original, old-school, Grim Reaper incarnation. All the other teams are gathered nearby to watch what's going to happen here. Phil tells Bilal and Sa'eed that they are the last to arrive, and that although it's not a pit stop, they are both out of the race. "Wow," Bilal says sadly. He says that they didn't think they could be Philiminated without the words "pit stop," but Phil reminds them that he said there would be some surprises along the way. "This just goes to show that you really have no control over anything. The creator does," Bilal says. Eh. I'm not sure changing the rules of the race provides additional evidence of the hand of the Creator, but that's a theological debate we probably don't need to have. (Do they believe in Buddha? Just kidding!)

Other teams talk about how much of a bummer it is that people had to get eliminated so fast. "They seem like really good guys," Tyler and James agree. "Expect the unexpected," Mary says in a surprising salute to Chicken George. Sarah chokes up a little, saying that she'd "be heartbroken if it had to end here." The weeping does seem a bit over the top, considering the one whole half a leg and zero pit stops that they've had to bond with each other. Phil rescues us from all this maudlin madness and promises that our show will continue shortly.

When we come back, teams are still decompressing, with reactions from "it's a game" to "I'll miss them." "We're just thankful that we get to race another day," Jamie says.

The next morning, Phil reminds us that the teams will leave the Forbidden City in three groups, fifteen minutes apart. At 7:00, the teams leaving are Duke and Lauren, Peter and Sarah, Lyn and Karlyn, and Tyler and James. Phil explains that the teams have to get in the sidecars of motorbikes and direct the drivers to an address where a pedicab manager will give them a clue. As Peter and Sarah leave, she reveals that today, when she was putting her prosthetic leg on, she realized that it was leaking hydraulic fluid. While it's not painful for her to walk on it, it's definitely more difficult. Peter tells us that he's not able to fix the leak, so Sarah says, "I'm just going to have to be tougher." Duke and Lauren are leaving on a more positive note, with Lauren saying that they seem to be "in a good groove," and they've been "very consistent." She's also very pleased with their communication, which does seem to have been pretty good so far. Lyn thinks the other teams don't like them because they're so good. Hey, she and Peter think alike! Maybe they can be friends. In an interview not conducted during the race, I don't think, Tyler says that addiction is very difficult, and they've conquered that, and "inside of each of us, there's a fighter." Mine is named "El Toro," by the way, and he has red boxing gloves. I keep him in my ear, mostly, where he is well situated to give me advice. Like "punch that guy," which is what he usually says. You can see why I do not always listen to El Toro.

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