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Two For The Price Of One

The *wins are looking for Gold House, and it's not going too well for them. Kandice, however, is finally finished with fish eyes and ready to go. "The blondes are beating us," Kimberly says unhappily. Yeah, eat it, Pointy.

David and Mary hit the kiosk and pull a 7:15 AM departure time.

Wearing his "Cho Bros" t-shirt, Godwin tries to flag down someone who speaks English who can help them find the Gold House.

"The Muslims are here," Kimberly says to Rob. That's going to be charming over the course of an entire season. On the other hand, Arti calls them "the Beards," and while it's more descriptive, it's also not the way I'd go. It turns out it's kind of hard to find a shorthand way to refer to people without learning their names based on what you managed to learn about them in ten seconds. Bilal eats fish eyes. Outside, the *wins try to figure out how to get into the restaurant; inside, Kimberly points Rob toward the last couple of fish eyes he needs to pluck out and eat. They leave in ninth place. The *wins? Still working outside. "This can't be it, man!" one of them remarks. No, it can't. Vipul (of the People!) finishes the fish eyes while Bilal is still working and the *wins are once again driving around trying to find Gold House. As Vipul and Arti leave, Bilal kind of stares after them, and Sa'eed reminds him to stop watching the other people and get back to work. There are fish eyes to eat!

Dustin and Kandice arrive at the kiosk, and they pluck the last 7:15 AM departure time. Considering how badly they got screwed on the taxi and the disorientation, they handled this pretty well, I think. Dustin talks about how "disheartening" it is that two teams from the later plane -- those being Jamie and Kellie and Tom and Terry -- beat them to this spot, which they're not happy about. I'm just glad they used the word "disheartening," because I've seen quite a few people go by on various shows who wouldn't even know that word. It's all so promising!

In 11th place, still ahead of the *wins, Bilal and Sa'eed finish up the fish eyes and get on their way. In the cab, Bilal looks back on his experience. "I'm from Cleveland, Ohio! What do I know about chopsticks?" he wonders. The Chinese restaurants of Cleveland take offense en masse. Finally, the *wins arrive at Gold House. Erwin starts scarfing fish eyes. "Not too tasty," he comments. Aw, that's nicely polite, considering what I think it stands for in his internal monologue.

At the kiosk, Rob and Kimberly are stuck with 7:30 AM. Vipul and Arti's driver doesn't seem sure where they need to go, which Arti thinks is a language problem. Bilal and Sa'eed's driver has to pull over and ask for directions. There certainly seems to be an accumulation of late-stage taxi problems here. They'd better get a move on, because back at Gold House, Erwin is all done with the fish eyes. Vipul and Arti stop in somewhere to ask for directions, bringing their driver with them. Inside, they get someone to give the driver some help, which is exactly how you do it -- you take your driver with you. Smart. Bilal and Sa'eed are frustrated at feeling like they're "driving in circles with this guy."

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