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Two For The Price Of One

At Gold House, Terry takes the eyeballs for his team. They run into Kellie and Jamie, while elsewhere, Dustin and Kandice continue to wander aimlessly. Kellie and Jamie finish up the eyeballs and go, followed by Tom and Terry. Dustin and Kandice? Still lost. "We're so far behind right now," they lament. Even beauty queens feel lost sometimes. That's so comforting.


When we come back, Dustin and Kandice finally recruit a guy who claims to know where Gold House is, and he agrees to walk there with them. In the Pointy cab, Rob is offering extra money to the driver to get them there in a hurry. Also in cabs, Bilal says he's "jittery," and Vipul says that he's concerned about how slow the cab is going. Godwin thinks his driver is too slow, too. Perhaps they don't understand the speed limit.

Finally, Dustin and Kandice are dropped off at the Gold House, where Rob and Kimberly are just arriving. I freely admit that I am having a very, very hard time telling Dustin and Kandice apart, but I'm pretty sure it's Kandice who takes the Roadblock.

Meanwhile, at the Meridian Gate, Duke and Lauren and Lyn and Karlyn have arrived, but they can't find the right entrance. Peter and Sarah, however, do find it, and they pull a 7:00 AM departure time. "Good job, kid," Peter says, and they hug. Pretty solid finish for them. Now, Duke and Lauren and Lyn and Karlyn arrive, and they both pull 7:00 AM departures. The final 7:00 AM departure goes to Tyler and James.

Gold House. Vipul and Arti arrive, and he starts eating fish eyes in a hurry. Kandice is still working on hers. "They're actually really... not bad," she says bravely, then puts a fist to her mouth delicately. Poor thing. She is used to having her ass sprayed with glue, though, so that will make you brave. And good at gritting your Vaseline-covered teeth and bearing it. I didn't expect to like the beauty queens out of the gate, but there you go.

David and Mary are arriving at the Meridian Gate, but after they're out of their cab, they're passed by Tom and Terry, who are thanking their driver ("Xie xie") for his good work, and then by Kellie and Jamie. So apparently, they didn't pick the best possible drop-off point. Indeed, Jamie and Kellie and Tom and Terry wind up arriving next, and they pull 7:15 AM departure times. The four of them have a big group hug, and that's probably just about as much bubbly enthusiasm as the world could ever need. There may actually be bubbly enthusiasm leaking into the atmosphere as a result. It's pollution now. Thanks, you jerks!

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