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Two For The Price Of One

Anyway, the clue says, "Who's hungry to stay in the race?", and Duke takes it for the team. Lyn and Karlyn arrive next. Inside, Lauren is laughing at the sight of her father scarfing fish eyes. She declines to holler, "That one is for my girlfriend!" At one point, he sort of cough-gags, and he says, "Delicious." Heh. Peter and Sarah arrive, and he takes the Roadblock for them. He immediately calls the eyeballs "gnarly," which: ick. What is with that guy? It's like they unfroze his vocabulary and his entire sensibility from 1988. Maybe that's when his programming was written! Karlyn is actually the first to finish eating, and she and Lyn get the clue that tells them to take a taxi to the Forbidden City and find the Meridian Gate. There, they'll find a "kiosk" where they'll pull a departure time for the next morning. There are times at 7:00, times at 7:15, and an ominous card that says "Last Team." Phil tells us that at the kiosk, they'll also discover the first "big surprise." Uh-oh. I somehow do not think it will be a nice surprise. Lyn and Karlyn run outside and get their cab to the Forbidden City, and they're followed by Duke and Lauren. In their cab, Duke and Lauren talk about grabbing a time, and he wonders whether someone might be eliminated. She's sure that won't happen yet.

Back at Gold House, Peter finishes his fish eyes, and he and Sarah get their clue. Dustin and Kandice, meanwhile, arrive at what they are told is Gold House. When they get out, however, they learn that they're not in the right place. David and Mary, however, are at Gold House, and Mary sits down for a big serving of fish eyes. Tyler and James arrive shortly thereafter, and James starts to eat. As David and Mary -- who made short work of those fish eyes, apparently -- are leaving, Kellie and Jamie are arriving, the first team from the second flight to make it to the restaurant. They run into Tyler and James as the boys are leaving, and the teams greet each other. Outside, Tyler and James wind up getting their cab ahead of a frustrated David and Mary, who are still waiting to find a driver who claims to know where it is they need to go. It sucks, because when they finally get a cab, Mary says to the driver, "Real fast, kuai kuai!", but the show decides to make it "Quack Quack" in the title, like she's dumb and she's saying "quack quack," which she's clearly not. It's "kuai kuai" in her accent, and it may be accented, but she's trying, and she's not wrong, and I'm kind of disappointed that mocking the way she talks was their first choice for an episode title.

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