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In the cabs, Peter says that Lyn and Karlyn don't like him and Sarah because "we've outrun them." I'm fairly sure that's... not the reason. And I don't want to say what I think the reason is, Peter, but I think it might be someone who looks, acts, talks, and plugs into an outlet at night for recharging very much like you do. For her part, Karlyn is bitching that "one minute, [Sarah] has a disability, and the next minute, she's fine, she can do this, she can do that." Wait... are you saying that sometimes she needs help, and other times she wants people to respect the things that she can do? Wow, that does sound ridiculous! That doesn't sound like the way the rest of us lead our lives at all. I mean, either you can do everything without help, or you're totally helpless, right? Bleh. Karlyn declares that she already wants to Yield Peter and Sarah. This just seems like such an overreaction, you know? I haven't seen Sarah complain that she thinks the other teams should be stopping to help her or standing aside for her, as Mirna constantly did about Charla, and all I've seen happen so far is that her boyfriend's disembodied voice talked about something akin to pre-boarding being useful in other places as well. I didn't care for it, but... it's not puppy-kicking, you know? Note: None of this makes Sarah likable, and it certainly doesn't make Peter likable. In fact, Peter strikes me as a weird, cold dude in a way I can't quite put my finger on, but makes me think, as hinted at above, that he's made of metal on the inside himself. Not because he needs prosthetics, but just because he likes it that way.

The Korean Air flight lands at 9:00, and the first into a cab are Tom and Terry. "Yay! We're going to the Gold House!" says one. Kellie and Jamie are next. Kimberly is talking to Rob about how her "adrenaline" is going, and they're both wearing nerd glasses. (You know, they really shouldn't be allowed to wear glasses. It's like one minute, they're all, "I'm strong and I can race," and the next minute, they're like, "Oh, I need glasses! Can't see without my glasses!") Bilal and Sa'eed are the next out, and then the last two teams out are the *wins and Vipul and Arti. Godwin perceptively notes that Beijing is "a lot like Korea, just more Chinese characters." All righty, then.

Duke and Lauren seem to have bonded with their cab driver, and they cheer excitedly as he drops them off at Gold House. They open the clue, and it's a Roadblock. Phil explains that this Roadblock involves eating fish eyes. And while I'm not a gross-food-challenge enthusiast, at least it's not four pounds of fish eyes, you know? My thing with the food is that I hate the gorging. Not eating unfamiliar food, which is a staple going back to the first season, but gorging like you're trying to make people sick. It is interesting that they have to "eat all the eyeballs out of a bowl of fish heads." In other words, they have to pluck them out themselves, which is the part I would find unsettling, I think. I think I would keep saying "excuse me" to the fish head while removing its eyes.

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