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I do not think you will take the deal. In which case you know that any "advantages" she's getting are still smaller than the built-in disadvantages. It's not that her artificial leg is worse, it's that the world is not designed around people who have an artificial leg. She's the outlier, and that will remain the case. Seriously, if you're on this particular race and your biggest concern is that the girl with one leg has it so easy? I have to think you need to stop and think. One more thing: I've always thought it was considered incredibly dangerous to get into the realm of "it makes no sense that someone would be able to do this, but not be able to do that." I'm not an expert, but my understanding has always been that there are disabilities that affect people in ways you would never think of, and there are certainly people who can walk or run but not stand for long periods, and while I'm not arguing that Sarah in particular would have any justification for "can't stand in line," you just can't apply a general sense of "I find this harder than that; therefore, no disability could possibly allow the more difficult without help but not the less difficult." You really... don't want to go there, like, at all. That's how you wind up attacking people in parking lots for parking in handicapped spaces and learning that they have a disability you can't see but they can feel.

Duke and Lauren are in their taxi, and Phil explains that the teams are headed for the Gold House Restaurant. There, they will find another clue. Peter and Sarah, Lyn and Karlyn, and David and Mary follow. In the cab, Mary comments, "Beijing is gorgeous." David is fixated on the fact that "it's huge." Heh. Compared to a town where you mine coal? Probably so. Mary interviews that she finds China "very overwhelming." In what I think is their intro interview, she says that she's never been outside Kentucky and Tennessee in her life, so "it's like dropping a thirty-year-old baby into the world and telling them, 'just go.'" Aw, that's kind of cool. And true. And the reason that "diversity" in casting has a lot of dimensions. Dustin and Kandice get their cab, and they comment on how they "look like such tourists" because they're being stared at. It's interesting -- many beauty queens would assume that's because they're so hot, but in fact, I suspect they're right -- it's the cameras and the blondeness and the fact that they look like spectacles that's getting all the attention; not lust. Tyler and James comment on the fact that the plane was 20 minutes or so late as they scamper out of the terminal.

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