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The United flight is getting ready to leave, and pre-boarding is announced. Peter and Sarah get on the flight and have their passports checked. James and Tyler look up to see whether it's time to board, and one says, "She's pre-board, because of the leg." "That's no excuse!" the other one snorts. Peter's voice is heard saying, "We're going to be able to play that card for a lot of places." He doesn't appear to be saying this at this particular moment, so it's not at all clear what the context is, but it doesn't bode well. At any rate, it appears to have no effect on anything, since all parts of the flight leave at the same time, and when it goes, it carries Peter and Sarah, Dustin and Kandice, David and Mary, Tyler and James, Duke and Lauren, and Lyn and Karlyn.

Back at the Seattle airport, Bilal and Sa'eed are praying. Unfortunately, I have to think that's going to get them a lot of attention when done in the middle of an airport waiting area. Their flight eventually leaves, with Tom and Terry, Kellie and Jamie, Vipul (of the People) and Arti, Bilal and Sa'eed, the *wins, and the Pointies.

And now: Beijing. This is a show that is always eager to teach you about great cities of the world, and what we learn about Beijing is that it's dark. Very, very dark. The United flight has been delayed, so when it lands, it's 8:22 PM. Ohhhh, maybe that's why it's dark. Duke and Lauren are first off the plane, but Peter and Sarah decide to "outrun these guys" (his words) through the airport. "She can run the Ironman but she can't stand in line?" snots Lyn or Karlyn. Now, it looked in the show like this referred to pre-boarding, but online video apparently suggests that this has something to do with getting favorable treatment at customs, which they almost never show. If that's true, in a sense, I feel the frustration, but... here's the thing. The girl with the artificial leg is not going to get an unfair advantage. She's really not. I can't speak for her, but I suspect that for the purposes strictly of having the easiest time completing elements of the race quickly, given that it's designed for people with two legs, she would gladly trade her entire arsenal of assistive devices for two regular legs. Another way of looking at it? I'll make you a deal, Lyn and Karlyn. You take the artificial leg, and she gets your legs, for the rest of the race. Along with her artificial leg, you can have all the sympathy, pre-boarding, and (for the sake of argument) ability to get through customs more quickly that goes with it. Take the whole package as a trade -- her situation for yours. Of course, you won't be a triathlete, because she worked for that part, but strictly leg for leg, we'll let you trade with her and see how you do.

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