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Commercials. If you don't take Allegra, no one will like you. Ever. Everyone will think you're antisocial. They already don't invite you to their parties, have you noticed? You are on thin ice as it is. My advice? Allegra.

Plane Of Controversy. "Everyone's a little pissed this morning, because we're the only team with bags on the plane," Blake says. Now we switch to Boston for the opposing view. "We all had to check our bags -- just the policy of the airline," Chris says. (Policy of the airline -- hear that?) He goes on to say that lying about not having bags was "cheap," and an "outright lie." was, of course. On the plane, Tara and Alex discuss the fact that they think it might be a little more fair if nobody were allowed off the plane until the checked luggage makes it off. The flight lands in Queenstown. Chris voices over that Boston was in the front of the plane and the Teeth were in the back. "We were like, 'We're not gonna let them get the jump on us,'" he says. Alex grabs the cabin intercom and says in his best customer-service voice, "We'll be underway here in just two minutes if everyone can just give a couple more seconds..." Hee. "Chris, please get ready to run," he continues with a grin. Um...hee, again. Now, before you go getting all worked up, note that this is all being done with a lot of chuckling, and it's pretty obvious that the people working on the plane have been completely co-opted into participating, or at least into allowing it to go on -- probably because they know exactly what's going on with the luggage, they know they screwed up at the other end of the flight, and this is frankly a rather fair way of putting everybody on even footing, which they would have been anyway if the airline had enforced its own policy. Frontier justice, is what this is. In an interview, Danny says that Alex's adventures on the intercom were "hilarious," and that everybody on the plane was laughing. Well, not so much the Teeth, I think, but everybody else. Blake is griping, unsurprisingly.

Alex voices over that the folks working the plane indeed understood the situation, so they weren't about to intervene. His next move is to broadly fake a leg injury and collapse to the floor, blocking the aisle. (He's laughing the entire time -- he's not actually attempting to fool anyone.) Blake and Paige finally brilliantly deduce that they're being intentionally held back. "Those guys are stayin' on the freaking front of the plane acting like jackasses," Blake notes. Aw, sucks when your own rule-stretcher is countered by somebody else's rule-stretcher, doesn't it? Incidentally, the lady at the bottom of the steps as they de-plane is, I'm pretty sure, the same lady they were complaining to back at the gate (the lady with the hat and the glasses), so she knows exactly what's what, and as stated previously, what she's doing is basically letting the teams equalize the situation for themselves rather than doing what she probably should have originally done, which is haul the Teeth's carry-on bags off the plane and make them check them like everybody else did.

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