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At the airstrip, the Teeth proudly claim their seats on the 10:30 charter. Wil and Tara approach, with Wil noting that they had, in fact, been heading in the right direction when they were following the Teeth the first time. (That's what you get for incorrectly doubting the power of the Teeth.) He and Tara make it onto the first charter (which still apparently isn't leaving for a while), just as Chris and Alex drive out of the Roadhouse. "Let's get it on," Chris says. Yeah, you know, his appeal is wearing right off at this point. I think this is going to work out just fine. He says that it makes no difference what charter they're on, because their New Zealand flights are all booked anyway. "No worries, like they say in Australia, you know?"

Danny and Oswald de-truck at the Roadhouse. They each get on a phone, and they start yelling back and forth between the booths. "Where am I going again?" Danny asks. "From Adelaide to Queenstown," Oswald tells him. Danny goes back to his phone call, and says, "To Queensburg." Heh. "QUEENSTOWN, NEW ZEALAND," Ozzie emphatically repeats, and Danny obediently corrects himself. They line up their flights and drive out to the airstrip. All the teams meet up at the charters and do a little chatting. The 10:30 eventually takes off with Blake and Paige on board, as well as Wil and Tara. "This next leg is going to be crazy," Paige voices over. "We have this advantage, but we're still going to be perfect with our decisions." Given that they don't have flights yet, I think it's a stretch to say they have any advantage -- after all, unless Boston was wrong to say there were no earlier flights than the ones they got, Paige and Blake are going to gain nothing from being on the first flight. Horns Of Perseverance: "BLATBLATBLAT BLATBLATBLAT BLATBLATBLAT BLAT!"

Boston boards the 11:15 with Cha-Cha-Cha. Oswald, in a voice-over: "It's such a difficult thing to predict which teams are going to be in the top three, because all four of [the teams] have totally different ways of competing." Very true.

The first plane lands in Adelaide at noon. Wil and Tara go in and buy their tickets to Queenstown, with Wil stressing the importance of being in the front of the plane. The Teeth learn that Wil and Tara snagged the last few seats for the first leg of the flight, so they're on a later flight leaving Adelaide. See, Blake? You might have been smart to listen to Chris.

Second charter lands at 12:45, and before you know it, we're on the Adelaide-to-Melbourne flight, which leaves at 2:05 PM. This flight is carrying Boston, Cha-Cha-Cha, and Taraweasel. Phil explains, with the help of The Amazing Yellow Line and The Amazing World Map, that the teams are going from Melbourne to Christchurch (which is in New Zealand), and then Christchurch to Queenstown. Back at the Adelaide airport, Blake is trying to find something to get the Teeth to Queenstown "faster," but it's not clear at this point whether they're looking for a way to get there before the other teams, or whether they're looking to catch up with the other teams. Paige makes a reference to "find[ing] whatever they [presumably the other teams] found," but I'm not sure why they'd be having trouble getting the same flights that were apparently pretty easy for the other three teams to book, so…it's not making perfect sense to me. He and Paige make it onto a flight to Melbourne that leaves at 2:40, so it seems they're not having too much trouble. With two more legs after this, that would seem to be a very manageable gap, and I'd assume they'd catch everybody else when they get to Melbourne, wouldn't you?

The Boston/Cha/Taraweasel plane lands in Melbourne at 2:45, followed by the Teeth at 3:20. The Teeth try to finagle an earlier flight, but eventually they wind up on exactly the same flight to Christchurch as everybody else. I sort of admire Blake for constantly trying to improve his lot, but honestly, he does expend a lot of energy on complex plans that don't pan out, you know? He should go work for Salon. At any rate, everybody winds up on the same flight to Christchurch at 6:15 that night, which gets them in at 1:00 in the morning. Everybody takes a snooze in the lounge at their departure gate for the next flight.

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