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The Teeth progress toward the airstrip, unnecessarily happy about getting on the first flight. Blake says that although Wil and Tara and Boston are sure there's no purpose in getting the earlier flight, "you take risks in this game, and [he] think[s] this is a risk that's going to pay off." He goes on to explain that it's always possible that working the phone will turn out to be a better strategy than going to the airport, but once again, Blake is always looking for the Wacky Scheme, and so he's hoping he won't screw himself by not getting a flight on the phone like everybody else is doing.

Behind them, Wil points out that he's following Blake, but he has no idea whether Blake knows where he's going. "You know Blake and directions," Wil says warily. HA! Okay, in thirteen episodes? You have to think everybody's going to make me laugh once, and that was Wil's chance. Wil decides the Teeth are on a road to nowhere, and he turns back toward the Mobil station. Practically as soon as he's gone, the Teeth reach the Glendambo Airfield. Oooh, burn! Wil was funny, but wrong about Blake in this case. One point for the Glowtoothed Boy.

Back at the Roadhouse, Wil chats with Boston about the location of the airport, and then leaves to go ask somebody for directions. He really does seem like the screws are coming a bit loose in these last few days of the race. Alex speaks in a low and amused voice to Tara about the disintegration of her team. "You guys seem like you're losin' it," he says. "Is Wil losin' his maah-bles or what?" Snerk. "Dude, Wil lost 'em," she responds. I really don't like her, but…double snerk. Chris approaches them. "Is he comin' unwound?" he asks, referring to Wil. They return to the topic of flights, and Alex explains that Boston's flights are all booked to Queenstown. At this point, Wil returns to Tara and says he wants to leave for the airstrip. She asks him what happened to what was apparently his previous plan, which was to stay at the Roadhouse and call to book their flights to New Zealand. "Dude, make up your mind," she says. He asks her what she would like to do, and she says, "I'm not telling you, you just figure it out." Oh, dear. This is not a good situation at all. "I quit," Wil declares dramatically, but Tara just laughs. "You always quit," she points out. Wil curls up at the gas pumps, swearing that he's staying right there and will go no further. "I thought you weren't going to quit again," Alex says, amused. Taraweasel bicker some more, and Tara winds up telling Wil that he's "just an idiot." Boy, it's hard to imagine how these two crazy kids went wrong, isn't it? In an interview, Tara says she was really frustrated, because Wil has been doing nothing but griping all the time, and in his interview, he actually agrees. As they pull out of the Roadhouse to go to the airstrip, Tara yells out the window, "Can I please have a new partner?" (Write your own "didn't she already get one?" joke here.) They drive off, and Chris, leaning on the hood of the Boston SUV, smirks just a little. "Kid's comin' unwound," he comments. Yeah, no kidding. But of course it's Wil, so the winding was never really all that tight to begin with.

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