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Contestants do get woolly, 'cause of all the stress

Danny and Oswald, approaching Sheepland. They spot a telltale red-and-yellow arrow by the side of the road. "Now they give me arrows," Danny says gratefully but with considerable frustration.

Back at The Roadblock Of Alli's Undoing, Chris finally gets the white sheep to leave. "How do you like that, buddy?" he says. I'm not actually sure whether he's talking to the black sheep, the white sheep, or Alex, but it doesn't matter too much. As they run for the pit stop, he explains that sheep now "know not to mess with [him]." They land on the mat. Welcome, you are team number three. And Chris, you are my amusing, neckless boyfriend. I regret this development as much as you do. Probably more. It is your own fault. Your paperwork will arrive shortly.

Danny and Oswald arrive at Sheepland. When they pull the clue, Danny announces that Oswald is doing it, because Danny did all the driving. Cut to Oswald, strolling in the pen, attempting to convince the sheep through politeness and gracious charm that they should do as he asks. "No, honey, come --" A flood of sheep storms by him in the opposite direction from where he wants them to go, and Oswald laughs hysterically. Danny, watching, laughs just as hard. "Okay, I guess I'm gonna have to chase it," he declares, picking up his sheep-chasing stick. "Danny, I hate you," he says, and then snaps at the sheep in Spanish as he takes a run at them and they scatter. (The subtitles make his remark out to be "Little girl, come here or I'll kill you," and from what I can grab, that seems right to me.) He seems to luck into getting the first black sheep into the pen, and then he goes back for the other two. "You! Are not! Moving!" he yells as he lunges at a black sheep that wiggles away at the last minute. More giggling, especially from Danny, who can barely contain himself. As both the other guys eventually did, Oswald winds up urging a whole bunch of sheep into the little pen and then sorting out the white ones. The last white sheep he rids himself of by actually unfastening the back of the pen and letting it out, rather than by pushing it through the gate. Unconventional technique, but effective.

Exhausted, they head for the pit stop. Phil tells them they're in fourth. But they're not eliminated. God, Phil, we know. A happy Cha-Cha-Cha interviews that quite frankly, they didn't expect to get this far (I'm not sure I expected them to, either), so they're already happy. Blake says everyone is very competitive. Chris says it's "dog-eat-dog" (well, he would). Wil says it's every weasel for himself. Oswald says that winning would be, well, "amazing." Alex says anything can happen. The music swells.

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