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Contestants do get woolly, 'cause of all the stress

Wil does indeed take the Roadblock. As he climbs into the corral, he tries the most obvious approach -- pointing and attempting to order the sheep around. "Black -- that way!" To no one's surprise, including his, this isn't a particularly successful approach. "This is gonna take forever," he says, discouraged, although Tara is seeing the humor in it already. She's right, too, because this is in fact the finest comedy Roadblock the show has ever come up with. Let's face it -- dumb animals are funny. And the sheep are funny, too. (Oh, wow, did you hear the THUNK from that one? It made the earth shake. It broke dishes.) Anyway, Wil now decides that he's going to try to herd the black sheep into the pen one at a time. This, of course, is the one thing you cannot do, because what are sheep known for? Yes, that's right -- they're known for doing what all the other sheep are doing. Not so much known for their initiative or individuality.

Cha-Cha-Cha car. Oswald thinks they've taken a wrong turn on the Road to Sheepland, so they turn around. Elsewhere, Chris and Alex are a bit lost as well. "Hopefully, some teams got screwed up here," Alex says, hoping they're not alone in their confusion. Chris bites his nails as they continue. Chris! Stop biting your nails. That's not going to impress the ladies, dog.

Commercials. The right wireless phone service will make you a buff, physically imposing example of manhood.

Wil, still trying to herd the sheep. Tara suggests to him that he dump all the sheep in the little pen and then start getting the white ones out. Wil explains in an interview that trying to track down "each one of the black sheeps [sic]" wasn't working too well for him, because "sheeps follow each other," so he went with Tara's plan. He starts trying to herd them all toward the small pen.

Chris and Alex, still on The Road To Sheepland. Alex says his stomach is queasy, and then he hops out to ask directions. Elsewhere, Cha-Cha-Cha is still looking too. Danny comments that they're "driving aimlessly." Nooo!

Back in Sheepland, Wil mentions that the sheep herding "is not easy." Good call, Mr. Whatever-The-Task-Is-I'm-Doing-It. I think it's the fact that he's wearing the Horrible Hat. The sheep will not follow him anywhere in that thing. Honestly, would you? Tara renews her call for The Triple Reverse Loop-The-Loop, in which Wil would herd all the sheep into the pen, and then each white one will gradually be pushed out. (See, it's not totally a non-elimination episode, at least if you're a sheep.) He agrees to take her advice, opens the little pen wide, and gets in gear. Within a couple of passes, he gets them all into the little pen, and then he starts weeding out the white ones. "You're doing good, you're doing good," Tara says, which makes Wil cackle. The last white sheep is hesitant to leave, forcing Wil to forcefully say, "Out, dude!" and kick him. Yes, really, Wil kicks the sheep. This works like a charm, because the sheep is like, "Who is this clown? They're paying me scale, you think I'm sitting still for this abuse?" And he leaves, so Wil is done with the Roadblock. "I am a sheep herder!" he yells triumphantly. Whatever. They run to the pit stop. Hey, Taraweasel, you are team number two! They high-five and hug. Wil voices over that he's known from the beginning that they need to learn to communicate in order to win. I'm not sure what the purpose of that remark is, given that they still haven't remotely learned to communicate and are still in second place, but whatever, Wil.

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