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Contestants do get woolly, 'cause of all the stress

The Road To Sheepland. The Teeth arrive at the little "Invernary Sheep Station" sign that all the teams will be desperately seeking for the next little while here. Confronted with several large open spaces packed with sheep, Paige comments that "it's a big sheep farm." Good, Paige. [Eye roll.] "I think getting the Fast Forward today is going to almost guarantee us the final three," Blake says. Well, sure. It's impossible to drop from first to fourth in one leg, right? Just ask Mary and Peach. Or Thunk. I mean, I agree that they've got a big leg up, but guaranteed? No. They land on the mat, and Phil tells them they're first. He also tells them that they are the winners of this week's Product Placement Prize, a vacation to Puerto Rico, provided by United Airlines. (Just kidding. It's really provided by US Air.) (No, but I kid. It's actually Delta.)

On The Road To Sheepland, Wil starts in about how he's doing the navigating on this leg, and how Tara always complains that she does all the navigating and he just drives. He'd like a cookie for the work he's putting in, apparently. I sort of see this one from both sides -- he's right to want credit for doing his share, given how hard she rides him when he doesn't. On the other hand, it's also terrifically annoying when you, for instance, wash the dishes every night for a year, and somebody else does them once and expects you to shower them with wet sloppy kisses of gratitude. She also comes right out and calls him a dork. He whines and gripes at her. Wow, they certainly have reached a point of compromise and maturity, haven't they? Oy. Good to know Wil's moment of redemption lasted a full three minutes. They get to the sheep station, and it's about time, because I can't take any more of this argument.

"Whatever this task is, I'm doing it," Wil says as they approach. He is doing this, you see, because she said in Sydney (when he screwed up the Roadblock) that he wasn't going to get to do any more Roadblocks. She then did the boomerang, so he is asserting that he is going to do this one, dammit, because there's no way he's letting her tell him he can't. When they pull the Roadblock clue, it tells them that the person doing it should be "ready for a wild and woolly time." Tara is able to put this together with the huge number of sheep she sees before her, and she announces that the Roadblock will be "something with sheep." She's sharp, that girl. Phil explains that in this Roadblock, the team member has to go into a corral with twenty-two sheep in it, including three black ones. There's a smaller pen on the end, and the three black sheep have to be herded into that smaller pen. When they're alone in the little pen, the Roadblock is done, and the teams check into the pit stop.

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