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Contestants do get woolly, 'cause of all the stress

Back up at the platform, Alex and Chris are getting ready to jump as Oswald and Danny approach in the second gondola. "How're you doing?" the bungee guy calls out to Cha-Cha-Cha. "Wonderful," Oswald says straightforwardly. "Ready to lose our lives." Hee! Cha-Cha-Cha arrives at the platform and opens the Detour clue. Oswald is a tad hesitant about the jump, but at Danny's urging, he agrees. Alex gives them the mini-Fists-Of-Friendship. "You're hating me, I know," Danny says to Oswald. "I really am hating you," Oswald says flatly. "I really am hating you right now." Boston edges out onto the ledge. Inside, Oswald crosses himself. The boys get the countdown, and they jump. Scream, swing, grin, yell -- they're having a hell of a time. Back at the top, Cha-Cha-Cha is still pretty nervous. Danny wraps his arms around Oswald's waist.

Meanwhile, Taraweasel is heading for the sheep station, but things are a little bumpy. As happened in the second episode, Wil's got the car in the wrong gear. Tara makes him pull over and hop out so she can drive. As he climbs out, Wil is angry at the car. "It's like, it's not my fuckin' car," he complains, "but you're expected to get it out of gear." Yeah, actually, you are, Wil. What, you want a million dollars when you can't do anything as complicated as shifting? Tara gets into the driver's seat, and immediately locates the way out of low gear. Now that she's solved the problem, Wil of course wants to drive, but it's too late. She takes off like a shot, unwilling to risk him "breaking the car" again. Back at the bottom of the jump, Boston reads the clue and takes off.

Oswald and Danny on the little platform, preparing to jump. "Danny, I suffer from fear of heights," Oswald says. "I want to go home to my mommy." Big grin. Aw, have courage, my dear! Danny points out that they might be eliminated, although I think they probably have a relatively good idea that it's a non-elimination leg. I mean, don't they watch the show?

Boston, driving to the sheep farm, trying not to get lost. Chris is expressing curiosity about whether Cha-Cha-Cha will actually jump, given that "it's a whole different story once you're out there on that little ledge, man."

Cha-Cha-Cha, out there on that little ledge, man. "Oh, my God, what am I doing?" Danny wails as he violates Rule #1 by looking down. But when the countdown comes, they do indeed jump. Oswald grabs onto Danny. "I screamed like a woman on the way down," he voices over, and actually you can hear a certain amount of that happening. The funnier thing, though, is that as they flop at the end of the cord, he clings to Danny like a crazy person, in a way that none of the other teams did at all. He buries his face in Danny's shoulder and keeps repeating, "Oh my God, Danny! Oh my God, Danny!" Pretty damn funny. The music turns to The Tinkling Piano Of The Brave, just as Ozzie's insane clinging starts to completely crack Danny up. They interview about how tightly Oswald hung on, and how it made Danny "go from screaming to laughter in no time." They are lowered to the ground. "That was the best experience I've ever had in my life," Oswald says. Gee, better than the ride in the Mercedes? Better than the shopping? Better than Fern?

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