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Contestants do get woolly, 'cause of all the stress

Tara and Wil, apparently due to the stellar performance of their taxi driver, are the first to Wentworth Station. Boston is right behind, followed by Oswald and Danny. The clue sends them to the Nevis Highwire Platform, which is out in the middle of a gorge. To get there, you drive up the mountain and then hop a gondola. (No, not a gondola like in Venice -- a gondola like at a ski resort.) On the way up, Wil wants to discuss what the hell a Nevis Platform is. Heh. This will be a nice one for Wil, Afraid-Of-Heights Man. The word "platform" doesn't really thrill him so much. Worse yet, he opens what looks like a little brochure, which indicates that this platform is the home of the "mother of all bungee jumps." Tara is tickled. Wil smiles nervously, and it's officially Wil's First Endearing Moment Ever.

If you were ever going to find Alex good-looking -- and I'm not saying I necessarily did -- it would be in this next shot, as he and Chris make their way up the mountain. "Oh, man," Chris intones disbelievingly at the site of the gorge and the platform. Cha-Cha-Cha spots it too. "You don't see this back in Miami," Danny comments. Oswald agrees. Here, I have the urge to make some sort of Florida electoral "platform" joke, but somehow an overwhelming wave of mercy has motivated me to spare you.

The Teeth, blah blah blah, the river, blah blah blah, the flag, blah blah blah, the Fast Forward, blah blah blah, ugly headgear, blah blah blah. Man, these people bore me.

At the gondola station, Taraweasel runs to sign up (each gondola can carry two teams). Boston and Cha-Cha-Cha follow.

The river is difficult, and the Teeth are beginning to be impacted. But they find it, grab it, and go. Thank God. They're clear to drive to the Inverary Sheep Station. Blake says they've "got to get there before 10:00." Before 10:00? Why? That makes no sense. Whatever, Toothy.

Platform Of Imminent Death, Music Of Foreboding. As Taraweasel and Boston board the gondola, Wil displays his hand, which has "86" written on it in red ink. Boy, I understand the guy may go "splat" on the rocks, but aren't dental records a more conventional method of identification? As they head out on the gondola toward the platform, everybody is just a bit jumpy. When they arrive, Tara and Wil are the first to go. "Wil's a little bit nervous," Boston comments. Wil is gray, is what Wil is. Wil is the color of granite. When they actually reach the platform, they are given a Detour clue, although given that they're already strapped into bungee gear, I think the outcome is pretty clear at this point. It's classic Reckless/Chicken stuff, because if you refuse the bungee jump, you have to take what looks like an absurdly long hike down, so if you want any chance at all, you'd better jump. Phil explains how both tasks have "pros and cons," but really, the only "pro" the hike has is that it isn't the jump. The jump, by the way, is "tandem," meaning that they do it while bound together.

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