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This...may be the first episode I've ever seen that doesn't begin with the word This. Instead, Phil goes right into talking about Taiwan's rich history, and Martyr's Shrine in the heart of the capital city, Taipei. Over shots of unformed guards parading around, he says that it was built to honor the three hundred thousand Taiwanese war dead. And to further honor them, the Amazing Race has also made it "the start of the second leg in a race around the world." Engaged half-Asian couple Ernie and Cindy, having won the previous leg, are leaving at 9:28 PM. They open their clue at night, and it tells them they're going to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which looks like one of those places they send racers just to make them mispronounce it on camera. As always, the racers will oblige. Phil says after they start by flying to Jakarta, they'll take an overnight train to Yogyakarta. The clue also tells Ernie and Cindy that "for the first time in race history, this leg will be a double elimination. The last two teams to check in at the next Pit Stop will be eliminated." So it looks like Bill and Cathi really were the only team to be informed of that at the end of the previous leg. In their cab to the airport, Cindy worries not because this is a threat to them, because they're so awesome, but because it's a sign of lots of new twists. "You can only imagine what's next," she said. So I'm sure they'll be extra vigilant over the course of this leg, to make sure they don't miss anything.

Jeremy and Sandy are leaving in second place, at 9:36 PM, and are also worried about double elimination. "We have to beat two teams instead of just one." So the whole field of eleven teams will really have to step up their game.

Siblings Justin and Jennifer are leaving in third place, at 9:39. Justin interviews that "sibling rivalry is a real thing," which is true, but from what we've seen, what they have seems to go beyond that. Is sibling toxicity a real thing? "If I get angry, she gets a little angry back," he says, while she makes exaggerated bitchfaces behind his back. Doesn't really seem like a healthy dynamic to me. In the cab, he offers to work the cabbie's phone for her, which she shortly refuses. Justin studiously stares out the window, knowing already that it's going to be another long leg.

Ethan and Jenna are leaving in fourth place, at 10:07 PM. Ethan interviews how they were cool coming in fourth, because it shows that despite having won Survivor, they're not superheroes, but regular humans just like everyone else on the race. "Well, they think so," Jenna corrects. I see they've given up trying to keep a lid on their previous reality TV experience.

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