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Esquire, arriving at the airport. Danza, also arriving. In the Esquire SUV, while Rob is wearing the horrible new red hat, Brennan can be heard to say, "Let's get ready to boogie." Man, if I never have to hear these boys say "boogie" again, I will be a happy, happy girl. Everybody climbs out and goes inside. Danza gets to the ticket agent first. (Of course, remember that Esquire has seats already.) What follows here is a lot of cloak-and-dagger where the boys are afraid that Frank will find out their flights, so they try to keep the agent from saying the flight number, and they ask about flying under different names. Sheesh! I wonder about past espionage involving flight manifests, because something is making Esquire think that Danza is going to make a serious effort to find out what flights they're on. Danza, meanwhile, winds up on the very same flights, and Frank talks about his fear that Esquire will horn in on the flight that he is on. Somewhere along here, Rob also puts on his black (or possibly blue) do-rag. At this point, it beats looking at his hair or any of his hats, so that's fair enough, I suppose. Everybody is scheduled to go through Seattle, and to land in Newark at 6:00 AM. Brennan tries to get seats as far forward in the plane as possible. Clearly, he's Plane Arrangements Guy. Perhaps his great skill with plane arrangements is the equivalent of when Dustin Hoffman counts all the toothpicks and memorizes the phone book. Frank remains obsessed with the notion that Esquire is going to try to "follow him" into New York. He also says, "It's on like Donkey Kong." You know, I bet Frank was adorable back in 1983 when that line was in fashion. In other news, Rob's pen takes a hundred blows from his shiny white teeth. He must be out of gum.

The Anchorage-Seattle flight takes off, accompanied by The Amazing Yellow Line on The Amazing World Map.

Seattle-Tacoma Airport. In an interview, Frank and Margarita can barely restrain themselves at the joy they feel about the race ending in their own backyard. They feel sure they have the advantage, which makes a certain amount of sense. Meanwhile, the boys hit the bookstore, looking for whatever good New York stuff they can find. "Why couldn't this thing end in Hollywood?" Rob grumps. Heh. Margarita says that the Danza knowledge will give them a head start, and they'll be less likely to panic in the city. LPFrank says they'll be in a comfort zone, and we cut directly to the boys, clearly concerned as they look for just the right piece of research material in the bookstore. That's the law school thing for you. They're looking for Nutshells or Gilbert's outlines or something. "I don't want to lose in our hometown," Margarita says, with a wide grin that betrays the fact that she's really not too concerned that that's going to happen. The boys exit the bookstore. Brennan? Has donned the Hating-Hat. You know, we were so close, too. Rob says, "It's gonna wrap up in New York City, and I think we're gonna have to pull something out of our hat to win." Heh -- hat shout-out! "It's gonna be tough," Brennan allows. Danza, in their interview, pulls out the tired and frankly rather ridiculous argument that because the boys already have a nice place and live in Hollywood, Danza has "more riding on it." Eh, no. That argument is right out. This isn't a charity event, and it's not a need-based scholarship program. It's a damn race. As was very well said on the forums, this ain't Queen For a Day, Loud Pushy Frank.

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