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Race To The Finish, Part II

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End of the line

Danza, finishing the dogsled run. They de-sled and grab their bags and pile into their SUV.

Esquire, spotting the Fish Lake sign. There's a little shelter where the route marker is. They run toward it, and for whatever reason, Rob is now wearing what has to be his fifth or sixth really, really bad hat of the race. It's big and tall and knit and puffy and red, kinda like a festive holiday chef's hat. I think he's got a raccoon or something in there, curled up to keep warm in the bitter Alaskan conditions. Unsurprisingly, I detest it on sight. As the boys get to the route marker and see the small stretch of open water in among the snow and ice, Rob starts in: "I knew we'd be doing this, I knew we'd be doing this!" Brennan: "He actually did say this." Brennan doesn't add the obvious, "What do you mean we, Mr. Keeping-Your-Clothes-On?" "It's a roadblock," Brennan says instead, "and it's my turn, dude." Eeeee, this is gonna be cold. Phil explains that the roadblock includes undressing (woo-hoo! [Cough.]), jumping into the very, very chilly water, submerging your head completely, and grabbing the next route info. Cut to Rob, trying not to laugh. "Well, it's Brennan's turn, and he already decided to do it, so I'll read it for him." He reads it. (I find this shot hysterical, because watching other people trying not to laugh always makes me laugh.) He does chuckle at the end. Once Brennan dispenses with the unnecessary clothes, he makes a dubious face and heads for the water. He says, "Here goes nothin'!" and jumps in. For whatever reason, he climbs right back out without getting the clue, so he has to regroup and jump back in. Goof. The second time in, he gets the clue and puts it in his teeth before climbing back out. (I believe you can hear a very small Rob chuckle as he jumps in the second time, but it's hard to say for sure.) As he runs up the snowy bank toward the shelter, Brennan yells out what all of America has already yelled before him: "Shrinkage!" Hee. Shrinkage: An American Cultural Icon.

Danza SUV. They make it to the lake and climb out. "What the hell are they doing? Are they getting dressed?" Frank wonders, eyeing Esquire. Brennan is drying his hair as Rob says, in his official announcer voice, "You have retrieved some freezing route information." Heh. He opens it. It tells them to take a plane to New York City and hail a cab to the route marker at Vincent Daniels Square in Queens. Danza approaches just as Esquire is finishing up. Margarita pushes by Brennan as he's in the closing stages of getting dressed, and she grabs the clue. As she reads the pre-clue, she makes very clear with her facial expression that she's not doing it. Frank shrugs. He'll do it. You know, I must say that they really haven't divided the roadblocks at all. Aside from the rats and the weird food, which Margarita did, Frank's basically done everything -- Eiffel Tower, sewer, torch, camel-dragging (though technically, the camel-rider "did" the roadblock), smart car, tigers, paddling, ice climb, and now this. Hardly seems like an equitable division of labor. Of course, he did do most of the yelling, also.

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