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"It's a little frustrating, being stuck on this narrow trail," Brennan complains, "but what are you gonna do?" He says this while on the dogsled, which means things are actually so pokey that he has time for an interview, and that strikes me as funny. Next he'll be shaving or filing his nails. And now, Esquire's Big Move. "How are your dogs?" Brennan asks Rob. "They seem fine," Rob replies. "Frank's are slow," Brennan observes sharply. He manages not to say, "I have to watch Wapner, fifteen minutes to Wapner." Anyway, he goes on to inquire as to whether Rob thinks he could pass. "Yeah, I think so," Rob replies, and the boys take off. "Go, guys, go, go, go!" Brennan yells at his team. He also says "Yee-ha!" which is a little bit culturally misplaced, but I think we can overlook it. The Esquire Dogs, pretending for Brennan's benefit that they are dogs from Texas, come flying up beside Margarita's dogs and pass. "Mush, guys, mush, let's move it now!" Brennan yells. Now his dogs overtake LPFrank's dogs, while LPFrank crouches helplessly on the back of his sled, trying not to create any unnecessary wind resistance.

Along about here, we get what looks like it's going to be a horrifying tangle of dogs, as the Esquire and Danza pooches come within inches of each other. Brennan cheers as his dogs pass Frank's. Rob and Frank are both running behind their sleds now, and Rob seems to have passed as well. I have to say, Brennan was a champ with the dogs. I enjoyed hearing him yell "yah!" and "mush!" a lot. It's definitely the loudest he's been on the entire trip. A bit monosyllabic, but nice and loud.

After Esquire stops, we get a shot of their dogs, one of whom is panting while hanging his tongue out the side of his mouth, which my dog likes to do, too, despite the fact that it makes him look like an idiot. The boys toss their packs into the back of their SUV. They climb in, with Brennan driving.

Danza pokes along on their sleds.

Esquire SUV. "We've probably got, what, maybe fifteen minutes on 'em?" Rob wonders. Brennan: "I have no idea." Over a shot of Danza, Rob returns to the theme of Frank's Dogs Sucking Wind. "I don't know whether they had bad dogs, or were riding them improperly..." (Yes. He said "improperly.") "We had to pass, dude, it's a race," Rob continues. Wait a minute -- are they feeling guilty? About passing someone? During a race? Psssst -- Rob. If you don't pass them, you can't finish ahead of them. I think Rob's brain is half-frozen. "Man, this is definitely the middle of nowhere," Brennan says as they drive down a road in the frozen wasteland.

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