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Race To The Finish, Part II

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End of the line


The pretty music starts. Frank stares out the train window and says that they're going to go right by the window he used to look out of as a kid. Esquire, running across a bridge. Margarita, staring out the window. Esquire, on the bridge. "Flags!" Brennan yells. "Keep it steady, dude," he says, "it's either we've won or we've lost at this point." They run into the park. Frank, on the train, looks out the window. Esquire, running through the park. "I see the end," Brennan says.

And here, at the end of this long, straight run, are all of the deposed contestants. Matt and Ana, the Hairs, the Moms, Ensure, Cockroach, Kenny, Momily, and the Frats. And up on the big red podium? There's Phil. And everybody is yelling, and cheering, and screaming. Davey waves his arms, just like your grandpa. Pat screams, "Come ON! Come ON!" Esquire keeps running. Margarita, on the train, looks tense. "I hear some cheerin', dude," Brennan says as they run. "That's a good sign." Amie cheers, beaming, and frankly, she and Paul both look like a million bucks, if I can mention it. Smiles. Applause. Hair blowing in various grinning faces. Esquire, running. Karyn, pumping her fist.

Frank and Margarita, on the train.

Esquire, running. Matt and Ana, applauding. Esquire feet. Emily, yelling. Lenny, clapping. Rob's hand goes out, Brennan's hand drops into it, and they raise them and keep running. Drew, beaming. Kevin, clapping above his head. Margaretta, gorgeous and grinning.

Frank and Margarita, on the train.

Long shot of the boys, heading for the finish line. Light Hair, smiling. The boys run, and Brennan raises his fist. Brenda, waving them in. Phil, waving them in.

Frank and Margarita, getting off the train.

And here it is. The boys run up to the crowd of contestants, slapping everyone's outstretched hands, and bang! They're at the red podium. They hug Phil. They hug each other. Rob pumps his fist, and they high-five. Brennan spreads his hands and looks at the sky. Rob crouches low. He's about to cry, and is desperately attempting not to, which works, except for the little spit bubble. I won't tell. They grin. "Nine countries, four continents, thirty-five thousand miles," Phil says. "You guys are the official winners of The Amazing Race." Rob: "It's the most fulfilling, grueling, horrible, exciting, wonderful experience of my life, and I did it with my best friend." (Okay, I'm letting that go this time.) "It was amazing," Brennan says, working in the theme of the show. "We had no idea we were going to end up here." Drew, smiling. Kevin, smiling. "We started off the race feeling strong, but we there were a lot of low points, so we, we didn't think we were gonna make it, but we worked together, we never had any big drop-down [sic] drag-out fights, we both did our job -- I did my job, he did his job, we knew where each other's strengths were, we rode 'em, and this is where we ended up." Rob, pointing at the group. "And it's all these teams pushin' us. What kick-ass competition." He applauds. Davey waves V signs. Nancy claps her gloved hands. Emily's working the cornrows again, but that's all right.

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