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End of the line

Margarita, back at the station, says, "I know if we get that train and they're not on it, we are so golden...'cause the next train won't come for another fifteen, twenty minutes, which gives us more than enough time to find our way there." She can't stop smiling.

Boys on the train. Rob, flashing The Non-Smiling Dimple Of Agonizing Stress.

Danza at the station. They anxiously look for the train.

Boys on the train. Rob voice-over: "The competitor in me wants dearly to win. I mean, just wants dearly to win and can't stomach the thought of losing to somebody else. I think if I stand on that winner's mat, I don't think it's going to be the money that's running through my head, it's going to be just this sense of unbelievable accomplishment and pride in what I did, and what I did with my teammate together." On the train, Brennan says to Rob, "Nothing you can do, you just sit here and wait." Rob: "We're either ahead or we're behind." Brennan: "I know. I know." Rob: "They're not on this train." Interestingly, I think that while Danza is ecstatic at not being on the same train as Esquire, it's making Rob nervous not to see Danza. Remember when he walked along the train in India, talking about how you sort of want to see the other teams, but you don't want to see them? He may think he and Brennan can pull out a close race at the end, so he might have almost preferred to see Danza at this point, lest he have to wonder whether he's a train behind them rather than a train ahead of them.

Loud Pushy Frank, back at the station, grinning. Worries? He has none.

"Three more stops," Brennan says. He holds out his fist. "Well, we ran a good race. We'll see what happens when we get there." They knock fists. "Whatever happens, baby, whatever happens, keep your eye on the ball," Rob says.

The train comes for Danza, and Margarita jumps up and down. She hugs Frank excitedly, as he shushes her. "I can't look," she says. Man, me neither. Margarita voices over that she has multiple motivations, including the money, her daughter, and beating Rob and Brennan. Frank comments that winning would end their debt and worry.

Esquire sees Flushing Meadows out of the window of the train. "I recognize it from watching the U.S. Open," Brennan says with a smile.

Danza train. It pulls up. They're ecstatic. Esquire prepares to hop off their train just as LPFrank and Margarita hop onto theirs. Esquire in the station, following the signs to Flushing Meadows Park. Margarita, on the train, jumping up and down. Esquire, heading for the stairs at the station. Margarita, jumping into LPFrank's arms. Frank, grinning. Esquire, running down the stairs, asking directions as they go. Margarita, jumping up and down as Frank teasingly says to her, grinning, "Sure they didn't get here first? Are you sure they didn't get here first?" She punches his stomach as she jumps up and down some more. Man, Margarita, stop jumping up and down. You're killing me. Esquire, running. Margarita, beaming, folding her arms over her head in amazement. "We did it," she says. Ow. Esquire, heading for the park.

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