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End of the line

And seriously, I think we all know that if it comes down to cabbies, Esquire has no shot, right? I mean, Transportation Curse? Untipped cabbie? Seriously, they're dead meat, and I was sure as I saw this sequence. Esquire can't possibly take it in a cab.

Rob, essentially at the mercy of his cabbie, is asking questions about the route as they enter the Holland Tunnel. The music is heavy on the brass as the Danza cab makes its way through the streets. Margarita says they're ten minutes away. As they get closer, she comments that it feels strange that their daughter is ten blocks away. Awwww. Esquire tells their cabbie that they're looking for the yellow-and-white flag at 51st and Roosevelt. Danza keeps directing the driver.

Esquire reaches the intersection and hops out of the cab, while LPFrank tells Margarita, "This was nonstop, there's no way they could have beat us." Brennan grabs the clue from the box and reads it. It tells them to take the train to Flushing Meadows, and follow the yellow flags to the finish line. Ooooh, finish line!

Danza clambers out of their cab. Inside the station, Brennan asks for subway tickets. (Heh, subway tickets.) Danza gets to the clue box. They read the clue and take off, deliriously happy. The boys clear the turnstile and run for the train as Frank gives his cabbie a hundred bucks. Rob, running up the stairs to the train. Frank, yelling at Margarita to leave her pack. Boys, standing at the train platform. "C'mon, train!" Brennan yells. Rob picks it up. "C'mon, train! C'mon, train!" (Hee! Just like last week. "C'mon, wall!" I'm definitely going to start using that.) BOMP! BOMP! BOMP BOMP! Frank and Margarita, running for the station. Train, pulling up to where Esquire is standing. Frank and Margarita, running up the stairs. Train, going by in a blur.

Commercials. Jason Alexander thinks you should eat at KFC. Eh, what does he know?

Boys, boarding the train. Train doors closing. Boys, on the train. "So we've got to go to Flushing Meadows Park," Brennan reads from the clue, "then once we get there, we follow the flags to the finish line." They agree they've done the best they can, and they're either ahead or behind.

Cut to -- Frank and Margarita, back at the subway station. This was literally the first time in this entire show that I seriously entertained the thought of Esquire winning. LPFrank is getting a fifteen-dollar Metrocard. They climb up to the platform. Up there, Margarita reads the clue, and she's deliriously happy. "Shut up, shut up, we need the train!" LPFrank yells. Sheesh, Frank. "All we have to do is cross our fingers and hope the train gets here before they do," he says. A-ha. And this is where you realize that Danza is positive -- one hundred percent sure -- that they can't possibly have missed a train with the boys on it. If the boys aren't at the train station when they get there, they obviously haven't shown up yet. Margarita hopes out loud that the boys are lost in Manhattan. Uh huh.

Cut to the boys on the train to Flushing Meadows. They're getting help from the folks on the train regarding where to get off the train and which side the exit will be on.

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