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End of the line

Seattle-Newark EDG flight. Guess what Rob's doing? Chewing his pen. Brennan voices over that this flight was "surreal." He goes on to say, "There's no way we're going to be able to take Frank and Margarita in their home borough of Queens, knowing that's where we need to go." Cut to the LPFrank interview in which he says, "If I can make an observation? They're scared." He grins. "They're very scared. I can see it in their eyes." Rob looks scared only in the sense that he's reading, which means that I must look scared a lot.

The Amazing Yellow Line makes its way from Seattle to New York. On the plane, as they wait to disembark, Rob discusses the fact that they're thirty days and thirty thousand miles into this race, and here they are, right bunched up with Danza. This is voiced over the worst, most awkward camera shot of the race so far. The camera is sort of in Rob's jaw, and while that sounds like it would be a good thing, it in fact looks freaky, especially when we get a glimpse of LPFrank making a googly face over Rob's shoulder. It feels like an amateur porn video, like that one from Rob Lowe's adventures in Atlanta way back when. LPFrank is delirious with confidence.

Down the jetway into the airport, Esquire is just ahead of Danza. LPFrank tries to pass Brennan on the left. "I'm not pushing you, I'm just trying to get to the side, you're the one puttin' your arm up," LPFrank gripes to one Esquire or the other. Let's face it, whoever's arm it is, LPFrank isn't going anywhere. Esquire and Danza hit the terminal and run -- literally -- for the ground transportation. Woooo! It's a race! Danza takes the lead early, but Esquire passes them. Frank again worries about Esquire following them, but he has a plan, which is to let them go first, and then take a quicker, more clever route to Queens. You know what? I think the boys would like that just fine, actually, particularly the "letting them go first" part. The four players are basically in one clump again as they run to the taxi area. LPFrank, actually, seems to be the one getting tired and dragging his feet.

Esquire goes straight to the plain old taxi stand, whereas Danza goes for one of the Town Car gypsy cabs. Danza immediately starts lecturing their driver, while the boys just climb in and go. Brennan does mention to their driver that they're in a "super-super-super-hurry." "Let's just go," the boys say twice. Frank bickers with the cabbie about the route. "We just need to get there as fast as possible," Rob says in the cab. Danza bails on the gypsy cab and gets in a yellow cab. Rob gives the driver the address, clearly having no clue what he's talking about. Fortunately, it appears that the cabbie does. Frank, meanwhile, instructs the cabbie on how to go. Margarita says it's an emergency. Rob says they'll pay extra. Frank says that New York is different -- it's about tactical driving, not speed. Uh huh. Margarita explains that they're staying on highways and bridges to avoid going through Manhattan. (Are you remembering that they landed at 6:00 AM? Because it's actually not even light yet as this is all happening.) She tells LPFrank she doesn't think Rob and Brennan can possibly be doing as well getting their fannies to Queens as she and LPFrank are doing.

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