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Race To The Finish, Part I

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The beginning of the end, my friends

Danza cab, arriving at the airport. Loud Pushy Frank is arguing with the cab driver as well. Margarita gets exasperated: "It's a dollar! Let's go!" Good point. They walk into the airport, with her griping and him yelling at her. Lovely. What a pleasure it is to spend time with them when they're in this kind of mood.

Esquire is waiting to see what they can get in the way of economy seats. The ticket agent makes it work, and they high-five. Rob says in a quickie interview that they think they've done as well with the flights as can be done, so they're thinking that at the very least, they won't lose any ground to Frank and Margarita.

Danza, trying to book their flight. Margarita says to the ticket agent (not the same one Esquire had), "I have to get to Los Angeles today." That is, of course, not true. As the agent works, Margarita explains to LPFrank that, in addition to the flight to Los Angeles she's trying to get, there's a flight to San Francisco at 1:45 (this is the flight Esquire just got). She wants the L.A. flight, because she thinks that there will be better opportunities to get from L.A. to Anchorage than from San Francisco to Anchorage. LPFrank wants to go to San Francisco and play it safe, whereas Margarita is holding out for going to L.A. and trying to make something magical happen. Interestingly, Frank is trying hard to press his point, but he's doing it by stating his arguments in favor, and he seems to be making a special effort not to be entirely Loud And Pushy about it. Thank you, Frank.

As she's working out the flights, Margarita asks whether there are seats on the flight to San Francisco, and she's told that there are only business class -- but she's also told immediately that they can have business class for the price of economy. Now, some folks have argued that possibly, they're actually getting these seats because of what Esquire did. In other words, the "other people" who Rob and Brennan begged to have promoted to business class from economy are turning out to be Danza. I think that has to be wrong. Unless the ticket agent lied when Rob and Brennan got to the counter, there was already a full load of Economy Ticket People booked through when they got there. Two of the Already Existing Economy Ticket People would have to have been bumped to business class for seats to be freed up so Esquire could get ticketed. Frank and Margarita can't be "promoted" from economy seats to business seats to accommodate Esquire, because Frank and Margarita never had economy seats. I believe the advocates of this theory are confusing having economy seats with paying the economy fare. I think Danza just got a nicer ticket agent than Esquire, and that their agent sold them business class seats for price of economy because economy was full. I could be wrong, but that's the way it looks to me.

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